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imagine /i'mædʤin/
  • động từ
    • tưởng tượng, hình dung
    • tưởng rằng, nghĩ rằng, cho rằng
      • I imagine him to be a tall stout man: tôi tưởng rằng ông ta la một người cao lớn mập mạp
    • đoán được
      • I can't imagine what he is doing: tôi không thể đoán được anh ta đang làm gì
Concise Dictionary
+form a mental image of something that is not present or that is not the case
+expect, believe, or suppose

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 think of, contemplate, picture, envisage, consider, ponder, meditate on, envision, visualize, conceive (of), conceptualize, create, think up, concoct, devise, Colloq dream up, cook up:
I cannot imagine what you are referring to. Imagine, if you can, a world without conflict
2 suppose, guess, conjecture, assume, presume, take it, infer, take (it) for granted, take it as given, think, fancy, believe, gather, surmise, suspect, judge, deem:
I imagine that you won't want a drink if you are driving. You are imagining things if you think she is trying to undermine your authority.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ verb
1 to form a picture in your mind of what sth might be like: [VN] The house was just as she had imagined it. + I can't imagine life without the children now. + [V (that)] Close your eyes and imagine (that) you are in a forest. + [V wh-] Can you imagine what it must be like to lose your job after 20 years? + [V -ing] She imagined walking into the office and handing in her resignation. + [VN -ing] I can just imagine him saying that! + [VN to inf] I had imagined her to be older than that. + [V] (spoken) 'He was furious.' 'I can imagine.' [also VN-ADJ, VN-N]
2 to believe sth that is not true: [V (that)] He's always imagining (that) we're talking about him behind his back. + [VN] There's nobody there. You're imagining things.
3 to think that sth is probably true
[V (that)] I don't imagine (that) they'll refuse. + [V] 'Can we still buy tickets for the concert?' 'I imagine so.' [also VN that]
Collocation Dictionary

1 form a picture of sth in your mind


clearly, easily, readily
I could clearly imagine the scene in the office.
| hardly, scarcely
I could hardly imagine living in such a remote and desolate spot.
| just
She could just imagine her mother's look of horror.
| actually
I can't actually imagine her falling for that trick.
| always
I always imagined him following in his father's footsteps.
| fondly, naively
I had fondly imagined that riding a mule would be easy.


can/could (well)
I can well imagine the atmosphere at home at this moment.
| can/could not (possibly)
There's more at stake here than you can possibly imagine.
| try to | be difficult to, be hard to, be impossible to
It is difficult to imagine Blackpool without its famous Tower.
| be easy to


let us imagine
Let us imagine what really might have happened.

2 see/hear/think sth that is not true/does not exist


really, seriously
You don't seriously imagine I'll agree to that?
| almost
I could almost imagine you were jealous.
| actually | fondly, naively


be easy to


be imagining things
Had I really heard a noise, or was I just imagining things?
| real or imagined
He was always keen to avenge insults, real or imagined.

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