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imagery /'imidʤəri/
  • danh từ
    • hình ảnh (nói chung)
    • tượng hình; hình chạm, đồ khắc
    • hình tượng
      • Shakespeare's poetry is rich in imagery: thơ Sếch-xpia giàu hình tượng
Thesaurus Dictionary
figurativeness, allusion, symbolism:
Constance's poems are filled with ornate imagery.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun [U]
1 language that produces pictures in the minds of people reading or listening: poetic imagery
See also - METAPHOR
2 (formal) pictures, photographs, etc: satellite imagery (for example, photographs of the earth taken from space)
Collocation Dictionary


powerful, resonant, telling, vivid
the vivid visual imagery of dreams
| slick
the slick imagery of rock stardom
| popular
drawing on popular imagery from newspapers and magazines
| visual | mental
Illustration may come between the text and the reader's own mental imagery.
| religious, sexual


draw on, use

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