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illustration /,iləs'treiʃn/
  • danh từ
    • sự minh hoạ
    • tranh minh hoạ; thí dụ minh hoạ; câu chuyện minh hoạ
Concise Dictionary
+artwork that helps make something clear or attractive
+showing by example
+an item of information that is representative of a type
+a visual representation (a picture or diagram) that is used make some subject more pleasing or easier to understand

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 example, case (in point), instance, sample, specimen, exemplar, Colloq for instance:
This film is an illustration of the film noir genre.
2 picture, depiction, representation, figure:
An illustration of a jet engine appears on page 32.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun
1 [C] a drawing or picture in a book, magazine, etc. especially one that explains sth: 50 full-colour illustrations
2 [U] the process of illustrating sth: the art of book illustration
3 [C, U] a story, an event or an example that clearly shows the truth about sth: The statistics are a clear illustration of the point I am trying to make + Let me, by way of illustration, quote from one of her poems.
Collocation Dictionary

1 picture in a book etc.


black and white, colour/coloured, full-colour | beautiful, lively
The clear, lively illustrations are in full colour.
| clear | book, cover


show sth | accompany sth
the illustrations accompanying the text


in an/the ~
The kite is assembled as shown in the illustration.
| with an/the ~ | ~ by
‘The Black Cat’ by Alan Ahlberg, with illustrations by Arthur Robins

2 example


good, excellent, perfect | clear, dramatic, graphic, striking, vivid
These events are a graphic illustration of the fact that their promises cannot be trusted.
| simple
Let us take a very simple illustration.
| classic


serve as
Chicago serves as an illustration of the problems faced by such cities.
| give (sb), provide
Explain the policy of detente and provide some illustrations of how it worked in practice.
| take, use sth as/for
I will use one recent example as an illustration.


as an ~
As an illustration of this point, I'm going to tell you a true story.
| by way of ~
He quoted several famous writers by way of illustration.

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