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illuminate /i'ju:mineit/
  • ngoại động từ
    • chiếu sáng, rọi sáng, soi sáng
      • a room illuminated by neon lights: căn buồng có ánh đèn nê ông rọi sáng
    • treo đèn kết hoa
      • to illuminate the city for the holiday: treo đèn kết hoa khắp thành phố để đón mừng ngày lễ
    • sơn son thiếp vàng, tô màu rực rỡ (chữ đầu một chương sách...)
    • làm sáng tỏ, giải thích, giảng giải
      • to illuminate difficult passanger in an old book: giảng giải những đoạn khó trong một cuốn sách cổ
    • làm sáng mắt, làm sáng trí, mở mang trí óc cho, khai trí cho
    • (từ Mỹ,nghĩa Mỹ) làm rạng rỡ
    • nội động từ
      • chiếu sáng, soi sáng
    Concise Dictionary
    +make lighter or brighter
    +make free from confusion or ambiguity; make clear
    +add embellishments and paintings to (medieval manuscripts)

    Thesaurus Dictionary
    1 light (up), brighten, lighten, throw or cast or shed light on or upon:
    She had only a single candle to illuminate her sewing.
    2 clarify, throw or cast or shed light on or upon, enlighten, clear up, elucidate, explain, explicate, reveal:
    The lectures on Heidegger illuminated his philosophy to some extent.
    3 rubricate, decorate, adorn, embellish, ornament:
    The museum has the best collection of illuminated manuscripts.
    Advanced English Dictionary
    (also less frequent illumine) verb [VN]
    1 to shine light on sth: Floodlights illuminated the stadium. + The earth is illuminated by the sun.
    2 (formal) to make sth clearer or easier to understand
    Synonym: CLARIFY
    This text illuminates the philosopher's early thinking.
    3 to decorate a street, building, etc. with bright lights for a special occasion
    4 (literary) to make a person's face, etc. seem bright and excited
    Synonym: LIGHT UP
    Her smile illuminated her entire being.
    Collocation Dictionary

    1 give light to sth


    brightly, clearly | dimly, faintly, softly
    The room was dimly illuminated by the soft glow of his bedside lamp.
    | briefly | suddenly

    2 make sth clear


    greatly, vividly
    an incident which vividly illuminated the problems we faced


    help (to)
    The study of the present also helps to illuminate the past.

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