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ignore /ig'nɔ:/
  • ngoại động từ
    • lờ đi, phớt đi, làm ra vẻ không biết đến
      • to ignore someone: lờ ai đi
    • (pháp lý) bác bỏ (một bản cáo trạng vì không đủ chứng cớ)
Concise Dictionary
ignores|ignored|ignoringɪg'nɔr /ɪg'nɔː
+refuse to acknowledge
+bar from attention or consideration
+fail to notice
+give little or no attention to
+be ignorant of or in the dark about

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 disregard, overlook, pass over or by, turn a blind eye to, be blind to, turn one's back on, turn a deaf ear to, wink at, brush off or aside:
If you are over 65, you may ignore this paragraph.
2 snub, give (someone) the cold shoulder, reject, send to Coventry, turn one's back on, Colloq give (someone) the brush-off or go-by, cut, turn one's nose up at:
I don't care if you are cruel to me, just don't ignore me.

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