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if /if/
  • liên từ
    • nếu, nếu như
      • if you wish: nếu anh muốn
      • I were you, I wouldn't do that: nếu là anh thì tôi không làm điều đó
    • có... không, có... chăng, không biết... có không
      • I wonder if he is at home: tôi tự hỏi không biết ông ấy có nhà không
    • bất kỳ lúc nào
      • if I feel any doubt, I enquire: bất kỳ lúc nào tôi ngờ vực là tôi hỏi ngay
    • giá mà
      • oh, if he could only come!: ồ, giá mà anh ấy đến được bây giờ
    • cho rằng, dù là
      • if it was wrong, it was at least meant well: cho rằng là sai đi thì ít nhất cũng co ngụ ý tốt
    • as if
      • (xem) as
    • even if
      • (xem) even
  • danh từ
    • sự "nếu, sự" giá mà "; sự giả dụ
      • I will have no " ifs ": tôi không tán thành cái lối "nếu thế này, nếu thế khác"
      • if ifs and ans were pots ans pans: cứ nếu thế này, nếu thế khác thì việc gì mà chẳng ốm
Concise Dictionary
noun possibility; supposition; condition
conj. in the event that; whether; in the case of; would that; despite; on the condition that; provided that; when
Advanced English Dictionary
conjunction, noun
+ conjunction
1 used to say that one thing can, will or might happen or be true, depending on another thing happening or being true: If you see him, give him this note. + I'll only stay if you offer me more money. + If necessary I can come at once. + You can stay for the weekend if you like. + If anyone calls, tell them I'm not at home. + If he improved his IT skills, he'd (= he would) easily get a job. + You would know what was going on if you'd (= you had) listened. + They would have been here by now if they'd caught the early train. + If I was in charge, I'd do things differently. + (rather formal) If I were in charge ... + Even if (= although) you did see someone, you can't be sure it was him.
2 when; whenever; every time: If metal gets hot it expands. + She glares at me if I go near her desk.
3 (formal) used with will or would to ask sb politely to do sth: If you will sit down for a few moments, I'll tell the manager you're here. + If you would care to leave your name, we'll contact you as soon as possible.
4 used after ask, know, find out, wonder, etc. to introduce one of two or more possibilities
Synonym: WHETHER
Do you know if he's married? + I wonder if I should wear a coat or not. + He couldn't tell if she was laughing or crying. + Listen to the tune and see if you can remember the words.
5 used after verbs or adjectives expressing feelings: I am sorry if I disturbed you. + I'd be grateful if you would keep it a secret. + Do you mind if I turn the TV off?
6 used to admit that sth is possible, but to say that it is not very important: If she has any weakness, it is her Italian. + So what if he was late. Who cares?
7 used before an adjective to introduce a contrast: He's a good driver, if a little over-confident. + We'll only do it once-if at all.
8 used to ask sb to listen to your opinion: If you ask me, she's too scared to do it. + If you think about it, those children must be at school by now. + If you remember, Mary was always fond of animals.
9 used before could, may or might to suggest sth or to interrupt sb politely: If I may make a suggestion, perhaps we could begin a little earlier next week.
Idioms: if and when used to say sth about an event that may or may not happen: If and when we ever meet again I hope he remembers what I did for him.
if anything used to express an opinion about sth, or after a negative statement to suggest that the opposite is true: I'd say he was more like his father, if anything. + She's not thin-if anything she's on the plump side.
if I were you used to give sb advice: If I were you I'd start looking for another job.
if not
1 used to introduce a different suggestion, after a sentence with if: I'll go if you're going. If not (= if you are not) I'd rather stay at home.
2 used after a yes/no question to say what will or should happen if the answer is 'no': Are you ready? If not, I'm going without you. + Do you want that cake? If not, I'll have it.
3 used to suggest that sth may be even larger, more important, etc. than was first stated: They cost thousands if not millions of pounds to build.
if only used to say that you wish sth was true or that sth had happened: If only I were rich. + If only I knew her name. + If only he'd remembered to send that letter. + If only I had gone by taxi.
it's not as if (spoken) used to say that sth that is happening is surprising: I'm surprised they've invited me to their wedding-it's not as if I know them well.
only if (rather formal) used to state the only situation in which sth can happen: Only if a teacher has given permission is a student allowed to leave the room. + Only if the red light comes on is there any danger to employees.
+ noun (informal) a situation that is not certain: If he wins-and it's a big if-he'll be the first Englishman to win for fifty years. + There are still a lot of ifs and buts before everything's settled.
if / whether
Both if and whether are used in reporting questions which expect 'yes' or 'no' as the answer: She asked if /whether I wanted a drink., although whether sounds more natural with particular verbs such as discuss, consider and decide. When a choice is offered between alternatives if or whether can be used:
He didn't know if /whether we should write or phone. In this last type of sentence, whether is usually considered more formal and more suitable for written English.

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