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ideology /,adiə'ɔlədʤi/
  • danh từ
    • sự nghiên cứu tư tưởng
    • tư tưởng, hệ tư tưởng (của một giai cấp...)
      • Marxist ideology: tư tưởng Mác-xít
    • sự mơ tưởng, sự mộng tưởng
Concise Dictionary
ideologies‚aɪdɪ'ɑlədʒɪ /-'ɒl-
+an orientation that characterizes the thinking of a group or nation
+imaginary or visionary theorization

Thesaurus Dictionary
belief(s), convictions, tenets, credo, philosophy, principles, creed, dogma, teachings, doctrine:
Buddhism had a great influence on his ideology.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun [C, U] (plural ideologies) (sometimes disapproving)
1 a set of ideas that an economic or political system is based on: Marxist / capitalist ideology
2 a set of beliefs, especially one held by a particular group, that influences the way people behave: the ideology of gender roles + alternative ideologies
ideological adjective: ideological differences
ideologically adverb: ideologically correct
Collocation Dictionary


dominant | official | coherent
The party's policies were based on prejudice rather than on any coherent ideology.
| strong | cultural, economic, educational, political, religious | bourgeois, capitalist, communist, Marxist, revolutionary, socialist, etc.


The party had a Marxist ideology.
| adopt
They distanced themselves from the upper class and adopted a communist ideology.
| reject

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