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identity /ai'dentiti/
  • danh từ
    • tính đồng nhất; sự giống hệt
      • a case of mistaken identity: trường hợp nhầm lẫn hai người vì giống hệt
    • cá tính, đặc tính; nét để nhận biết; nét để nhận dạng, nét để nhận diện (của người nào, vật gì...)
    • (toán học) đồng nhất thức
Concise Dictionary
+the distinct personality of an individual regarded as a persisting entity
+the individual characteristics by which a thing or person is recognized or known
+an operator that leaves unchanged the element on which it operates
+exact sameness

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 sameness, oneness, unanimity, indistinguishability, agreement, accord, congruence:
Identity of purpose held them together under stress.
2 personality, individuality, distinctiveness, uniqueness, particularity, singularity:
Many who join the army lose their identity.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun (plural identities)
1 [C, U] (abbreviation ID) who or what sb/sth is: The police are trying to discover the identity of the killer. + Their identities were kept secret. + She is innocent; it was a case of mistaken identity. + Do you have any proof of identity? + The thief used a false identity. + She went through an identity crisis in her teens (= was not sure of who she was or of her place in society).
2 [C, U] the characteristics, feelings or beliefs that distinguish people from others: a sense of national / cultural / personal / group identity + a plan to strengthen the corporate identity of the company
3 [U] ~ (with sb/sth)
~ (between A and B) the state or feeling of being very similar to and able to understand sb/sth: an identity of interests + There's a close identity between fans and their team.
Collocation Dictionary


true | assumed, false
He was discovered living under an assumed identity in South America.
| mistaken
This is obviously a case of mistaken identity.
| new | common, corporate, cultural, national, personal, political, racial, sexual


create, develop, establish, forge
They are still struggling to establish their identity as a political party. The company forged its own identity by producing specialist vehicles.
| give sb/sth
He felt that having a job gave him an identity.
| maintain, preserve
Many minority groups are struggling to maintain their cultural identity.
| lose | change
He changed his identity and moved abroad on his release from prison.
| assume
She was given a false passport and assumed a new identity.
| disclose, reveal
He refused to reveal the identity of his client.
| discover, find out | guess
It was easy to guess the identity of the thief.
| conceal, hide, keep secret, protect
Her voice was disguised to conceal her identity.


bracelet, tag | card, documents, papers | code | parade
The victim picked out her attacker in an identity parade.
| crisis
The country suffered from an identity crisis for years after the civil war.


~ as
Scotland has never lost its identity as a separate nation.


proof of identity
The police officer asked him for proof of identity.
| a search for identity
His search for his cultural identity took him to where his parents were born.
| a sense of identity

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