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hurry /'hʌri/
  • danh từ
    • sự vội vàng, sự hấp tấp, sự hối hả, sự gấp rút
      • why all this hurry?: việc gì phải vội vàng thế?
      • is there any hurry?: có cần phải làm gấp không?
    • sự sốt ruột (muốn làm vội việc gì, mong có cái gì ngay...)
    • in a hurry
      • vội vàng, hối hả, gấp rút
    • sốt ruột
    • (thông tục) dễ dàng
      • you won't find anything better in a hurry: anh chẳng thể tìm được cái tốt hơn một cách dễ dàng đâu
    • (thông tục) vui lòng, sãn lòng
      • I shall not ask again in a hurry: tôi chẳng tội gì mà hỏi lại
  • ngoại động từ
    • thúc giục, giục làm gấp; bắt làm gấp
      • don't hurry me: đừng giục tôi
      • to hurry someone into doing something: giục ai làm gấp việc gì
    • làm gấp, làm mau, làm vội vàng, xúc tiến nhanh (một công việc gì...)
    • ((thường) + away, along, out, into...) mang gấp đi, kéo vội đi, đưa vội đi, đẩy vội
      • to hurry someone out of the fire: kéo vội ai ra khỏi đám lửa
      • to hurry the soldiers along to the front: đưa vội quân ra mặt trận
  • nội động từ
    • hành động vội vàng, hành động hấp tấp, làm gấp; đi gấp, đi vội vàng
      • don't hurry, there is plenty of time: đừng vội, con nhiều thì giờ lắm
    • to hurry away
      • to hurry off
        • đi vội vàng, hấp tấp ra đi
      • to hurry over
        • to hurry through
          • làm vội làm vàng cho xong việc (việc gì)
        • to hurry up
          • làm gấp, tiến hành gấp rút
        • hurry uphurry: mau lên!, nhanh lên
Concise Dictionary
hurried|hurries|hurrying'hɜrɪ /'hʌrɪ
+a condition of urgency making it necessary to hurry
+overly eager speed (and possible carelessness)
+the act of moving hurriedly and in a careless manner
+move very fast
+act or move at high speed
+urge to an unnatural speed

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 rush, hasten, make haste, speed, race, dash, hustle, scurry, tear, fly, run, shoot, scoot, scamper, scuttle, hotfoot (it), Colloq shake a leg, get cracking, get a move on, go hell for leather, skedaddle, step on it, step on the gas, Chiefly US hightail (it), go like greased lightning, get a wiggle on:
You'll have to hurry to catch your bus.
2 speed up, accelerate, hasten, rush, push, press, expedite; urge, egg:
Such changes take time and can't be hurried. She hurried the children along so that they wouldn't miss the bus.
3 haste, rush, urgency, eagerness; agitation, disquiet, upset, dither, fuss, bustle, ado, to-do, furore or US furor, commotion, turmoil, stir, pother; Colloq stew, sweat:
Why all the hurry to finish before dark? He's in an awful hurry to get home.
Advanced English Dictionary
verb, noun
+ verb (hurries, hurrying, hurried, hurried)
1 to do sth more quickly than usual because there is not much time
Synonym: RUSH
[V] You'll have to hurry if you want to catch that train. + The kids hurried to open their presents.
Help Note: In spoken English hurry can be used with and plus another verb, instead of with to and the infinitive, especially to tell somebody to do something quickly: Hurry and open your present-I want to see what it is!
2 [V +adv./prep.] to move quickly in a particular direction: He picked up his bags and hurried across the courtyard. + She hurried away without saying goodbye. + She hurried after Gary to apologize to him.
3 [VN] ~ sb (into doing sth) to make sb do sth more quickly
Synonym: RUSH
I don't want to hurry you but we close in twenty minutes. + She was hurried into making an unwise choice.
4 [VN +adv./prep.] to deal with sth quickly
Synonym: RUSH
Her application was hurried through.
5 [VN] [usually passive] to do sth too quickly
Synonym: RUSH
A good meal should never be hurried.
Phrasal Verbs: hurry on to continue speaking without giving anyone else time to say anything: She hurried on before he could interrupt her.
hurry up (with sth) to do sth more quickly because there is not much time: I wish the bus would hurry up and come. + Hurry up! We're going to be late. + Hurry up with the scissors. I need them.
hurry sb/sth<->up to make sb do sth more quickly; to make sth happen more quickly: Can you do anything to hurry my order up?
+ noun
the need or wish to get sth done quickly: Take your time-there's no hurry. + In my hurry to leave, I forgot my passport. + What's the hurry? The train doesn't leave for an hour.
Idioms: in a hurry
1 very quickly or more quickly than usual: He had to leave in a hurry.
2 not having enough time to do sth: Sorry, I haven't got time to do it now-I'm in a hurry. + Alice was in a tearing hurry as usual.
in a hurry to do sth impatient to do sth: My daughter is in such a hurry to grow up. + Why are you in such a hurry to sell?
in no hurry (to do sth)
not in a / any hurry (to do sth)
1 having plenty of time: I don't mind waiting-I'm not in any particular hurry. + Serve this lady first-I'm in no hurry.
2 not wanting or not willing to do sth: We were in no hurry to get back to work after the holiday.
sb will not do sth again in a hurry (spoken) used to say that sb does not want to do sth again because it was not enjoyable: I won't be going there again in a hurry-the food was terrible.
Collocation Dictionary


big, desperate, great, tearing, terrible
I was late for the match and in a tearing hurry.


in a ~
They were in a hurry to set off.
| in no ~
She's in no hurry to find out how much her phone bill comes to.
| in your ~
In his hurry to leave, he forgot his briefcase.

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