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hurdle /'hə:dl/
  • danh từ
    • bức rào tạm thời (để quây súc vật...)
    • (thể dục,thể thao) rào (để nhảy qua trong cuộc chạy vượt rào)
    • (the hurdles) cuộc chạy đua vượt rào ((cũng) hurdle race)
    • (sử học) phên hành tội (tấm phên để buộc người hành tội cho ngựa kéo đi)
    • (nghĩa bóng) vật chướng ngại
    • ngoại động từ
      • (thường) (+ off) rào tạm, làm rào tạm thời bao quanh
      • bóng khắc phục, vượt qua (khó khăn, trở ngại)
      • nội động từ
        • (thể dục,thể thao) chạy vượt rào
      Concise Dictionary
      hurdles|hurdled|hurdling'hɜrdl /'hɜːdl
      +a light movable barrier that competitors must leap over in certain races
      +an obstacle that you are expected to overcome
      +the act of jumping over an obstacle
      +jump a hurdle
      Thesaurus Dictionary
      1 barrier, obstacle, impediment, hindrance, obstruction, bar, handicap, restraint, snag, (stumbling) block, check, difficulty, complication, interference:
      Can she overcome the hurdle of prejudice against women?
      2 leap (over), vault (over), jump (over):
      The fugitive easily hurdled the fence around the compound.
      Advanced English Dictionary
      noun, verb
      + noun
      1 each of a series of upright frames that a person or horse jumps over in a race: His horse fell at the final hurdle. + to clear a hurdle (= jump over it successfully)
      2 (hurdles) [pl.] a race in which runners or horses have to jump over hurdles: the 300 m hurdles
      3 a problem or difficulty that must be solved or dealt with before you can achieve sth: The next hurdle will be getting her parents' agreement. + Well we've cleared the first hurdle; let's see what happens next. + We worked hard for three months on the deal only to see it fall at the final hurdle.
      + verb
      1 ~ (over) sth to jump over sth while you are running: [VN] He hurdled two barriers to avoid reporters. + [V] to hurdle over a fence
      2 [V] to run in a hurdles race
      Collocation Dictionary

      1 in a race


      clear, jump (over)
      She cleared the first few hurdles easily.
      | fall at, hit
      His horse fell at the final hurdle.

      2 problem/difficulty


      big, difficult | main, major | final, first, last, next
      The first big hurdle in putting your car on the road is getting insurance.


      This is perhaps the most difficult hurdle that we face.
      | clear, jump, overcome, pass
      We'll jump each hurdle as we come to it. You have already overcome the first major hurdle by passing the entrance exam.
      | fall at
      The plan fell at the first hurdle.

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