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however /hau'evə/
  • phó từ
    • dù đến đâu, dù cách nào, dù cách gì
      • however things are: dù sự việc có thế nào
  • liên từ
    • tuy nhiên, tuy thế, tuy vậy
Concise Dictionary
+despite anything to the contrary (usually following a concession)
+by contrast; on the other hand
+to whatever degree or extent
+in whatever way or manner

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 notwithstanding, regardless, nevertheless, nonetheless, despite (that), in spite of (that), still, but, though, yet, even so, be that as it may, come what may, no matter what; at any rate, anyway, anyhow, on the other hand, in all events, in any event, in any case, after all:
He insisted the council should give their approval; however, that is not their responsibility. I was ready to move to Cardiff; she didn't offer me the job, however
2 to whatever manner or extent or degree, howsoever, no matter how, in any way or manner or respect, anyhow, how, in whatever way or manner:
However you view it, he is still the boss. Spend the money however you see fit.
3 how, how on earth, how in the world, in what way or manner:
However do you manage with only three to help, you poor thing?
4 no matter how, regardless how, putting or setting aside how, notwithstanding how:
However much she earns, she is always short of money.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ adverb
1 used with an adjective or adverb to mean 'to whatever degree': He wanted to take no risks, however small. + She has the window open, however cold it is outside. + However carefully I explained, she still didn't understand.
Help Note: When ever is used to emphasize how, meaning 'in what way or manner', it is written as a separate word: How ever did you get here so quickly?
2 in whatever way: However you look at it, it's going to cost a lot.
3 used to introduce a statement that contrasts with sth that has just been said: He was feeling bad. He went to work, however, and tried to concentrate. + We thought the figures were correct. However, we have now discovered some errors. - ALTHOUGH

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