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household /'haushould/
  • danh từ
    • hộ, gia đình
    • toàn bộ người nhà; toàn bộ người hầu trong nhà
    • (số nhiều) bột loại hai
    • tính từ
      • (thuộc) gia đình, (thuộc) hộ; nội trợ
        • household gods: các vị thần trong nhà; (nghĩa bóng) những thức cần thiết cho đời sống gia đình
        • household word: lời nói thông thường, lời nói cửa miệng
      • household troops
        • quân ngự lâm
    Concise Dictionary
    +a social unit living together
    Advanced English Dictionary
    + noun
    all the people living together in a house: Most households now own at least one car. + low-income / one-parent households + the head of the household + the royal household
    household adjective [only before noun]: household bills / chores / goods (= connected with looking after a house and the people living in it)
    Collocation Dictionary


    The average household pays 27p a day in water rates.
    | domestic, private, etc. | rural, urban | middle-class, working-class | high-income, low-income, poor, etc. | family, married-couple, single-person, etc.


    manage, run | set up
    Becoming an adult and setting up a household no longer mean the same thing.


    appliance, contents, furniture, goods, item, product
    The household contents are covered by a separate insurance policy.
    | bills, budget, expenditure, expenses, income | chore, duties, task | rubbish, waste


    the head of the household
    The head of the household is responsible for completing the council tax form.

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