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hospital /'hɔspitl/
  • danh từ
    • bệnh viện, nhà thương
    • tổ chức từ thiện, tổ chức cứu tế (chỉ dùng với danh từ riêng)
    • Christ's Hospital
      • trường Crai-xơ Hốt-xpi-tơn (tên một trường ở Luân-ddôn)
    • (sử học) nhà tế bần
Concise Dictionary
hospitals'hɑspɪtl /'hɒs-
+a health facility where patients receive treatment
+a medical institution where sick or injured people are given medical or surgical care

Thesaurus Dictionary
medical centre, health centre, infirmary, clinic, polyclinic, dispensary, sickbay; asylum, sanatorium, nursing home, convalescent home or facility, US sanitarium:
With that wound, you ought to be in a hospital.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun
a large building where people who are ill/sick or injured are given medical treatment and care: (BrE) He had to go to hospital for treatment. + (AmE) He had to go to the hospital for treatment. + to be admitted to (the) hospital + to be discharged from (the) hospital + The injured were rushed to (the) hospital in an ambulance. + He died in (the) hospital. + I'm going to the hospital to visit my brother. + a psychiatric / mental hospital + hospital doctors / nurses / staff + There is an urgent need for more day care centres and more hospital beds.
In BrE you say to hospital or in hospital when you are a patient: I had to go to hospital. + She spent two weeks in hospital.
In AmE you need to use the: I had to go to the hospital. + She spent two weeks in the hospital.
Collocation Dictionary


community, district, local | NHS, private | day, long-stay | general | children's, maternity, mental, psychiatric, etc. | teaching


go into/to
He's had to go into hospital rather suddenly.
| rush sb to, take sb to | admit sb to, readmit sb to | stay in | come out of, leave
She came out of hospital this morning.
| discharge sb from


doctor, staff | inpatient, outpatient, patient | care, services, treatment | clinic, unit, ward | bed | admission, stay


at a/the ~
She works at the John Radcliffe Hospital.
| in (a/the) ~
He is in hospital recovering from a heart operation. I used to work as a cleaner in a hospital.
| to (a/the) ~
He's been taken to hospital for tests. We went to the hospital to visit my gran.


admission to hospital, a stay in hospital

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