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horror /'hɔrə/
  • danh từ
    • sự khiếp, sự ghê rợn
    • điều kinh khủng; cảnh khủng khiếp
    • sự ghét độc địa, sự ghê tởm
    • (y học) sự rùng mình
    • (the horrors) cơn rùng mình, sự sợ hãi; trạng thái ủ rũ buồn nản (trong cơn mê sảng của những người nghiện rượu nặng)
Concise Dictionary
horrors'hɑrə(r) ,'hɔ- /hɒ'r-
+intense and profound fear
+something that inspires dislike; something horrible
+intense aversion

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 fear and loathing, repugnance, terror, dread, hatred, revulsion, detestation, abhorrence, distaste, dislike; aversion, antipathy, hostility, animosity, animus, rancour; odium, execration:
She has a horror of bats.
2 fear, dismay, distress, dread, fright, alarm, upset, perturbation, panic, terror, fear and trembling, trepidation, anxiety, angst, apprehension, uneasiness, queasiness, nervousness, awe:
The doctor helped me overcome my horror of flying.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun
1 [U] a feeling of great shock, fear or disgust: People watched in horror as the small plane crashed to the ground. + With a look of horror, he asked if the doctor thought he had cancer. + The thought of being left alone filled her with horror. + To her horror, the man produced a gun. + She recoiled in horror at the sight of an enormous spider. + To his horror, he could feel himself starting to cry (= it upset him very much). + Her eyes were wide with horror.
2 [sing.] ~ of sth / of doing sth a great fear or hatred of sth: a horror of deep water + Most people have a horror of speaking in public.
3 [U] the ~ of sth the very unpleasant nature of sth, especially when it is shocking or frightening: The full horror of the accident was beginning to become clear. + In his dreams he relives the horror of the attack.
4 [C, usually pl.] a very unpleasant or frightening experience: the horrors of war + You wouldn't believe the horrors they have suffered due to famine and disease.
5 [U] a type of book, film/movie, etc. that is designed to frighten people: In this section you'll find horror and science fiction. + a horror film / movie
6 [C] (BrE, informal) a child who behaves badly: Her son is a little horror.
Idioms: horror of horrors (BrE, humorous or ironic) used to emphasize how bad a situation is: I stood up to speak and-horror of horrors-realized I had left my notes behind.
more at SHOCK n.
Collocation Dictionary

1 feeling of fear/shock


abject, absolute, utter
The thought of working nights fills me with abject horror.
| mock
She raised her hands in mock horror when she saw my new haircut.


feel, have
She felt horror and pity at seeing Marcus so ill. She had a horror of pubs.
| fill sb with
The possibility of meeting him again filled me with horror.
| overcome | recoil in
Anna recoiled in horror as the snake approached.


film, story
They were trying to scare each other with horror stories about going to the dentist.


in ~
They watched in horror as the aircraft crashed to the ground.
| to your ~
To his horror, he saw a dead body lying beside the road.
| with ~
He realized with absolute horror that he no longer had the money.
| ~ of
I'm trying to overcome my horror of insects.


a look of horror, shock horror
newspapers full of shock horror headlines

2 sth frightening/shocking


He never experienced the full horrors of trench warfare.
| ultimate
I used to regard public speaking as the ultimate horror.


commit, inflict, perpetrate
He had witnessed horrors committed by the enemy.
| experience, suffer | witness

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