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history /'histəri/
  • danh từ
    • sử, sử học, lịch sử
      • ancient history: cổ sử;(đùa cợt) cái đã cũ rích, cái đã lỗi thời
      • modern history: lịch sử cận đại
      • to make history: có tầm quan trọng, có thể ghi vào lịch sử, làm nên việc lớn, có thể ghi vào lịch sử
    • lịch sử (một vật, một người)
      • to have a strange history: có một lịch sử kỳ quặc
    • kịch lịch sử
Concise Dictionary
+the aggregate of past events
+the continuum of events occurring in succession leading from the past to the present and even into the future
+a record or narrative description of past events
+the discipline that records and interprets past events involving human beings
+all that is remembered of the past as preserved in writing; a body of knowledge

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 account, story, record, description, depiction, portrayal, representation, telling, retelling, recital, narration, narrative, relation, retailing:
Washington Irving's Knickerbocker's History of New York begins with the creation of the world.
2 news, summary, recapitulation, report, intelligence, information:
The history of these events is recounted in a book by Robinson.
3 past, background, life; experiences, adventures, story, biography:
This woman appears to have had a rather curious history. The history of your years in Polynesia would make an interesting book
4 record, experience, information, biography, CV or curriculum vitae, US résumé:
Your entire work history should be included in your application.
5 chronicle, annals, record, account:
The history of Parliamentary debate can be traced through Hansard.
6 ancient history, the past, yesterday, the (good old) days, days of yore, olden days, yesteryear, antiquity:
What can history tell us about the future?
7 dead letter, yesterday's news, old hat:
Any animosity I might have felt towards him is now history.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun (plural)
1 [U] all the events that happened in the past: a turning point in human history + one of the worst disasters in recent history + a people with no sense of history + Many people throughout history have dreamt of a world without war. + The area was inhabited long before the dawn of recorded history (= before people wrote about events). + These events changed the course of history.
2 [sing., U] the past events concerned in the development of a particular place, subject, etc: the history of Ireland / democracy / popular music + The local history of the area is fascinating. + The school traces its history back to 1865.
3 [U] the study of past events as a subject at school or university: a history teacher + a degree in History + social / economic / political history + ancient / medieval / modern history + She's studying art history.
4 [C] a written or spoken account of past events: She's writing a new history of Europe. + She went on to catalogue a long history of disasters.
5 [sing.] a record of sth happening frequently in the past life of a person, family or place; the set of facts that are known about sb's past life: He has a history of violent crime. + There is a history of heart disease in my family. + a patient's medical history
6 [U] (informal) something that happened in the past that is no longer important: We won't talk about that-that's history. + They had an affair once but that's past history now.
Idioms: the history books the record of great achievements in history: She has earned her place in the history books.
history repeats itself used to say that things often happen later in the same way as before: Years later family history repeated itself with Eve's daughters.
make history
go down in history to be or do sth so important that it will be recorded in history: a discovery that made medical history
more at REST n.
Collocation Dictionary

1 the past, especially as a subject of study


contemporary, early, recent
the early history of the trade union movement things that happened in recent history
| ancient, medieval, modern | local | family | British, world, etc. | official
the official history of the Labour Party
| recorded
The debate about the origins of the universe has been going on throughout recorded history.
| oral
Oral history enables us to take account of those many aspects of history that are not recorded in documents.
| art, church, cultural, economic, human, literary, military, political, social, etc.


She created a piece of history by winning her fourth title.


be steeped in
a building that is steeped in history
| go down in, make, pass into
He will go down in history as a wise adviser and a kind man. He made history by being the first man to walk on the moon.
| trace
The regiment traces its history back to 1803.
| distort, rewrite
her attempt to rewrite history with herself in the role of heroine


go back (to) …
The town's history goes back to Roman times.
| reveal sth, show sth
History shows that New Zealand are almost unbeatable by British teams on their own turf.
| repeat itself
Years later, family history repeated itself with Eve's daughters.


(figurative) She has earned her place in the history books.


during sth's ~
The country has suffered several invasions during its history.
| in (sth's) ~
the most extraordinary royal meeting in history the best player in the sport's history
| throughout ~
There have been conflicts such as this throughout history.


change the course of history
events that could change the course of history
| a period of history
This is a fascinating period of history.
| the rest is history
(= the rest of the story does not need to be told because it is well-known),
a sense of history
a people with no sense of history
| a slice of history
The team grabbed a slice of history here today (= achieved sth that will be remembered).

More information about SUBJECT


of study do, read, study ~ do ~
is more commonly used with school subjects (but may also be used with university subjects):She did maths, physics and chemistry at school.

study ~
is used with both school and university subjects:He studied German at school. She went on to study mathematics at university.

read ~
is only used with university subjects and is quite formal:She was educated privately and at Pembroke College, where she read classics.

lecture in, teach ~
He taught music at a school in Edinburgh.

Other verbs used withsubjectcan also be used with particular subjects of study:Half the students take geography at A level. We offer accounting as a subsidiary course.

~ degree, a degree/diploma in ~
a law degree a higher diploma in fine art

~ class, course, lecture, lesson
The genetics lectures are on a different campus.

~ department, a/the department of ~
All enquiries should be made to the Department of Architecture.

~ graduate, student, undergraduate
Some architecture graduates gain further qualifications in specialist fields.

~ lecturer, teacher, tutor
He's an English teacher at Highland Road School.

~ professor, (a) professor of ~
She's professor of linguistics at the University of Wales.

the study of ~
The study of philosophy helps you to think critically.

in ~
He got As in history and art.

2 facts about sb/sth's life/existence in the past


chequered, colourful, fascinating, interesting, rich
The city has a rich and colourful history.
| long
She has a long history of mental illness.
| previous, subsequent | case
She familiarized herself with the case history of her new patient.
| employment, family, life, medical, personal, sexual
The doctor will need some details of your medical history. I know nothing about his personal history.




~ of
a history of heart disease in the family

3 sth in the past that is no longer important


They had an affair once, but that's past history now.

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