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hike /haik/
  • danh từ, (thông tục)
    • cuộc đi bộ đường dài (để luyện sức khoẻ hoặc tiêu khiển)
    • (từ Mỹ,nghĩa Mỹ) cuộc hành quân
    • nội động từ, (thông tục)
      • đi mạnh mẽ; đi nặng nhọc, đi lặn lội
      • đi bộ đường dài (để rèn luyện sức khoẻ hoặc tiêu khiển)
      • (từ Mỹ,nghĩa Mỹ) hành quân
      • ngoại động từ
        • đẩy đi; kéo lên; bắt buộc phải chuyển động
        • (từ Mỹ,nghĩa Mỹ) tăng đột xuất (tiền thuê nhà...)
      Concise Dictionary
      +a long walk usually for exercise or pleasure
      +an increase in cost
      +the amount a salary is increased
      +walk a long way, as for pleasure or physical exercise

      Advanced English Dictionary
      noun, verb
      + noun
      1 a long walk in the country: They went on a ten-mile hike through the forest. + We could go into town but it's a real hike (= a long way) from here.
      2 ~ (in sth) (informal, especially AmE) a large or sudden increase in prices, costs, etc: a tax / price hike + the latest hike in interest rates
      Idioms: take a hike (AmE, informal) a rude way of telling sb to go away
      + verb
      1 to go for a long walk in the country, especially for pleasure: [V] strong boots for hiking over rough country + [VN] (AmE) to hike the Rockies
      2 [V] (go hiking) to spend time hiking for pleasure: If the weather's fine, we'll go hiking this weekend.
      3 [VN] ~ sth (up) to increase prices, taxes, etc. suddenly by large amounts: The government hiked up the price of milk by over 40%.
      Phrasal Verbs: hike sth<->up (informal) to pull or lift sth up, especially your clothing
      Synonym: HITCH
      She hiked up her skirt and waded into the river.
      Collocation Dictionary


      long | strenuous | ten-mile, two-day, etc.

      VERB + HIKE

      go on
      The boys have gone on a long hike with the Boy Scouts.


      on a ~
      They met on a hike.
      | ~ from, ~ to
      It's a hell of a hike from Sydney to Perth.

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