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high /hai/
  • tính từ
    • cao
      • high mountain: núi cao
      • high flight: sự bay cao
      • high price: giá cao
      • high speed: tốc độ cao
      • high voice: giọng cao
      • to have a high opinion of: đánh giá cao
    • cao giá, đắt
      • corn is high: lúa gạo đắt
    • lớn, trọng; tối cao, cao cấp; thượng, trên
      • high road: đường cái
      • high crime: trọng tội, tội lớn
      • High Court: toà án tối cao
      • high antiquity: thượng cổ
      • higher mathematics: toán cao cấp
      • the higher classes: tầng lớp thượng lưu, tầng lớp trên
      • the higher middle class: tiểu tư sản lớp trên
    • cao quý, cao thượng, cao cả
      • high thoughts: tư tưởng cao cả
    • mạnh, dữ dội, mãnh liệt, giận dữ
      • high wind: gió mạnh
      • high fever: sốt dữ dội, sốt cao
      • high words: lời nói nặng
    • sang trọng, xa hoa
      • high living: lối sống sang trọng xa hoa
      • high feeding: sự ăn uống sang trọng
    • kiêu kỳ, kiêu căng, hách dịch
      • high look: vẻ kiêu kỳ
      • high and mighty: vô cùng kiêu ngạo
    • vui vẻ phấn khởi; hăng hái; dũng cảm
      • in high spirits: vui vẻ phấn khới, phấn chấn
      • high spirit: tinh thần dũng cảm
    • cực đoan
      • a high Tory: đảng viên Bảo thủ cực đoan (ở Anh)
    • hơi có mùi (thối), hơi ôi
      • high game: thịt thú săn để đã có hơi có mùi
      • high meat: thịt hơi ôi
    • đúng giữa; đến lúc
      • high noon: đúng giữa trưa
      • high summer: đúng giữa mùa hạ
      • it's high time to go: đã đến lúc phải đi, không thì muộn
    • (từ Mỹ,nghĩa Mỹ) (+ on) ngà ngà say
    • to mount (be on, get on, ride) the high horse
      • (xem) horse
    • high and dry
      • bị mắc cạn (tàu thuỷ)
    • (nghĩa bóng) xa rời thực tế, không biết gì đến việc xung quanh (người)
    • on the high ropes
      • (xem) rope
    • the Most High
      • Thượng đế
    • with a high hand
      • (xem) hand
  • phó từ
    • cao, ở mức độ cao
      • to soar high in the sky: bay vút lên cao trong bầu trời
      • to sing high: hát cao giọng
      • prices run high: giá cả lên cao
    • lớn
      • to plwy high: (đánh bài) đánh lớn; đánh những quân bài cao
    • mạnh mẽ, dữ dội, mãnh liệt; giận dữ
      • the wind blows high: gió thổi mạnh
      • words run high: lời lẽ trở nên giận dữ
    • sang trọng, xa hoa
      • to live high: sống sang trọng xa hoa
  • danh từ
    • độ cao; điểm cao
    • quân bài cao nhất (đánh ra hay rút được)
    • nơi cao, trời cao
      • on high: ở trên cao, ở trên trời
Concise Dictionary
+a lofty level or position or degree
+an air mass of higher than normal pressure
+a state of sustained elation
+a state of altered consciousness induced by alcohol or narcotics
+a high place
+a public secondary school usually including grades 9 through 12
+a forward gear with a gear ratio that gives the greatest vehicle velocity for a given engine speed
+greater than normal in degree or intensity or amount
+(literal meaning) being at or having a relatively great or specific elevation or upward extension (sometimes used in combinations like `knee-high')
+standing above others in quality or position
+used of sounds and voices; high in pitch or frequency
+happy and excited and energetic
+(used of the smell of meat) smelling spoiled or tainted
+slightly and pleasantly intoxicated from alcohol or a drug (especially marijuana)
+at a great altitude
+in or to a high position, amount, or degree
+in a rich manner
+far up toward the source

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 tall, lofty, elevated, towering:
High mountains surround the valley.
2 extreme, excessive, extraordinary, exorbitant, outrageous, Colloq steep, stiff:
Houses in that district are fetching high prices.
3 costly, dear, expensive, high-priced:
Shares are not as high as they were before the crash.
4 great, huge, enormous, considerable, strong; violent, turbulent:
These wires carry high voltages. The high winds blew down trees.
5 exalted, elevated, lofty, superior, high-class:
With insider trading, theft became a high art in the financial world
6 consequential, important, grave, serious, weighty, momentous, heinous; capital:
His activities constitute high treason.
7 high-pitched, high-frequency, squeaky, acute, treble, soprano; shrill, strident, sharp, penetrating, piercing, ear-splitting:
The higher notes make my radio speaker vibrate. She has an irritatingly high voice
8 cheerful, exuberant, elated, boisterous, exhilarated, hilarious, merry, excited:
I find his persistent high spirits rather depressing.
9 euphoric, intoxicated, inebriated, drunk, drugged, Colloq loaded, tipsy, turned on, on a trip, Slang stoned, spaced out, Brit squiffy, US spacy, squiffed:
They got high sniffing glue.
10 gamy, tainted, aged, ripe, Slang Brit pongy:
He likes to hang venison till it is quite high.
11 chief, leading, important, principal, foremost:
He regards himself as the high priest of women's fashion.
12 elaborate, luxurious, grand, extravagant, lavish, rich, prodigal, sybaritic:
With her millions she can now enjoy the high life.
13 considerable, favourable, great:
She is held in high esteem by her colleagues.
14 far up; great in extent:
Daedalus warned Icarus not to fly so high. I was willing to go as high as 20,000 for the painting.
15 peak, record, height, maximum, acme, apex:
Employment is expected to reach a high next summer.
16 intoxication, altered consciousness:
The high lasts till the drug wears off.
17 anticyclone:
The high passing over the country will bring fair weather.
Advanced English Dictionary
adjective, noun, adverb
+ adjective (higher, highest)
from bottom to top
1 measuring a long distance from the bottom to the top: What's the highest mountain in the US? + The house has a high wall all the way round it. + shoes with high heels + He has a round face with a high forehead.
Antonym: LOW
2 used to talk about the distance that sth measures from the bottom to the top: How high is Everest? + It's only a low wall-about a metre high. + The grass was waist-high. + knee-high boots
far above ground
3 at a level which is a long way above the ground or above the level of the sea: a high branch / shelf / window + The rooms had high ceilings. + streaks of high cloud + They were flying at high altitude. + the grasslands of the high prairies
Antonym: LOW
greater than normal
4 greater than normal in quantity, size or degree: a high temperature / speed / price + a high rate of inflation + Demand is high at this time of year. + a high level of pollution + a high standard of craftsmanship + a high risk of injury + A high degree of accuracy is needed. + We had high hopes for the business (= we believed it would be successful). + A high proportion of our staff are female. + The cost in terms of human life was high. + high (= strong) winds
Compare: LOW (4)
containing a lot
5 ~ (in sth) containing a lot of a particular substance
Antonym: LOW
foods which are high in fat + a high potassium content
rank / status
6 (usually before noun) near the top in rank or status: She has held high office under three prime ministers. + The case was referred to a higher court. + He has friends in high places (= among people of power and influence).
Antonym: LOW
7 of great value: to play for high stakes + My highest card is ten.
ideals / principles
8 (usually before noun) morally good: a man of high ideals / principles
9 (usually before noun) showing a lot of approval or respect for sb: She is held in very high regard by her colleagues. + You seem to have a high opinion of yourself!
Antonym: LOW
10 at or near the top of a musical scale; not deep or low: She has a high voice. + That note is definitely too high for me.
Antonym: LOW
of period of time
11 [only before noun] used to describe the middle or the most attractive part of a period of time: high noon + high summer
12 (of meat, cheese, etc.) beginning to go bad and having a strong smell
on alcohol / drugs
13 [not before noun] ~ (on sth) (informal) behaving in an excited way because of the effects of alcohol or drugs
See also - HEIGHT
Idioms: be / get on your high horse (informal) to behave in a way that shows you think you are better than other people
have a high old time (old-fashioned, informal) to enjoy yourself very much
high and dry
1 (of a boat, etc.) in a position out of the water: Their yacht was left high and dry on a sandbank.
2 in a difficult situation, without help or money
high and mighty (informal) behaving as though you think you are more important than other people
high as a kite (informal) behaving in a very excited way because of being strongly affected by alcohol or drugs
high days and holidays festivals and special occasions
in high dudgeon (old-fashioned, written) in an angry or offended mood, and showing other people that you are angry: He stomped out of the room in high dudgeon. + She stormed out in high dudgeon.
smell, stink, etc. to high heaven (informal)
1 to have a strong unpleasant smell
2 to seem to be very dishonest or morally unacceptable
more at HELL, MORAL adj., ORDER n., PROFILE n., TIME n.
+ noun
level / number
1 the highest level or number: Profits reached an all-time high last year.
2 an area of high air pressure; an ANTICYCLONE: A high over southern Europe is bringing fine, sunny weather to all parts.
3 the highest temperature reached during a particular day, week, etc: Highs today will be in the region of 25?C.
from drugs
4 (informal) the feeling of extreme pleasure and excitement that sb gets after taking some types of drugs: The high lasted all night.
from success / enjoyment
5 (informal) the feeling of extreme pleasure and excitement that sb gets from doing sth enjoyable or being successful at sth: He was on a real high after winning the competition. + the highs and lows of her acting career
6 used in the name of a high school: He graduated from Little Rock High in 1982.
Idioms: on high
1 (formal) in a high place: We gazed down into the valley from on high.
2 (humorous) the people in senior positions in an organization: An order came down from on high that lunchbreaks were to be half an hour and no longer.
3 in heaven: The disaster was seen as a judgement from on high.
+ adverb (higher, highest)
far from ground / bottom
1 at or to a position or level that is a long way up from the ground or from the bottom: An eagle circled high overhead. + I can't jump any higher. + She never got very high in the company. + His desk was piled high with papers. + She's aiming high (= hoping to be very successful) in her exams.
value / amount
2 at or to a large cost, value or amount: Prices are expected to rise even higher this year.
3 at a high PITCH: I can't sing that high.
Idioms: high and low everywhere: I've searched high and low for my purse.
run high (especially of feelings) to be strong and angry or excited: Feelings ran high as the election approached.
more at FLY v., HEAD n., RIDE v.
high / tall
High is used to talk about the measurement from the bottom to the top of something: The fence is over five metres high. + He has climbed some of the world's highest mountains. You also use high to describe the distance of something from the ground:
How high was the plane when the engine failed?

Tall is used instead of high to talk about people: My brother's much taller than me. Tall is also used for things that are high and narrow such as trees:
She ordered cold beer in a tall glass. + tall factory chimneys. Buildings can be high or tall.
Collocation Dictionary

1 high level or point


all-time, new, record


hit, reach
Share prices reached an all-time high yesterday.

2 feeling of great pleasure or happiness


real, tremendous | emotional


experience, get
the high she got from cocaine
| give sb
The drug gives you a tremendous high.


on a ~
She's been on a real high since she got her exam results. This show is our swansong?we want to finish on a high.


the highs and lows
the emotional highs and lows of an actor's life

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