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hide /haid/
  • danh từ
    • da sống (chưa thuộc, mới chỉ cạo và rửa)
    • (đùa cợt) da người
    • neither hide not hair
      • không có bất cứ một dấu vết gì
    • to save one's own hide
      • để cứu lấy tính mạng mình; cầu an bảo mạng
  • ngoại động từ
    • lột da
    • (thông tục) đánh đòn
    • danh từ
      • (sử học) Haiddơ (đơn vị đo ruộng đất từ 60 đến 120 mẫu Anh tuỳ theo từng địa phương ở Anh)
      • nơi nấp để rình thú rừng
      • nội động từ hidden, hid
        • trốn, ẩn nấp, náu
        • ngoại động từ
          • che giấu, che đậy, giấu giếm; giữ kín (một điều gì)
          • che khuất
          • to hide one's head
            • giấu mặt đi vì xấu hổ, xấu hổ vì không dám ló mặt ra
          • not to hide one's light (candle) under a bushel
            • (xem) bushel
        Concise Dictionary
        +the dressed skin of an animal (especially a large animal)
        +body covering of a living animal
        +prevent from being seen or discovered
        +be or go into hiding; keep out of sight, as for protection and safety
        +cover as if with a shroud
        +make undecipherable or imperceptible by obscuring or concealing

        Thesaurus Dictionary
        1 conceal, secrete, cache, squirrel away; go underground, take cover, lie low, go into hiding, lurk, go to ground, drop out of sight, go into hiding, hibernate, latibulize, Colloq hide out, hole up, lie low, Brit lie doggo:
        Hide the sweets where the children won't find them. I found a place to hide under the stair
        2 conceal, cover, mask, camouflage, disguise, veil, shroud, screen, cover up, keep secret:
        He managed to hide his embarrassment.
        3 eclipse, blot out, obscure, block:
        The clouds hid the moon as we made good our escape.
        4 suppress, hush (up), repress, silence, keep quiet or secret:
        She hid all knowledge of the crime.
        1 pelt, skin, fell, leather, fur, fleece:
        Once tanned and dyed, the hide was made into clothing.
        2 flog, whip, lash, flail, beat, thrash:
        The masters took great satisfaction in hiding the boys.
        Advanced English Dictionary
        verb, noun
        + verb (hid )
        1 [VN] to put or keep sb/sth in a place where they/it cannot be seen or found: He hid the letter in a drawer. + I keep my private papers hidden. + They hid me from the police in their attic.
        2 to go somewhere where you hope you will not be seen or found: [V] Quick, hide! + I hid under the bed. + We hid from our pursuers in an empty house. + (figurative) He hid behind a false identity. + [VN] She hides herself away in her office all day.
        3 [VN] to cover sth so that it cannot be seen: He hid his face in his hands. + The house was hidden by trees. + The brim of his hat hid half his face. + No amount of make-up could hide her age. + Hidden dangers lurk in the ocean depths.
        4 [VN] to keep sth secret, especially your feelings: She struggled to hide her disappointment. + I have never tried to hide the truth about my past. + They claim that they have nothing to hide (= there was nothing wrong or illegal about what they did). + She felt sure the letter had some hidden meaning. + His brusque manner hides a shy and sensitive nature. + I could not hide my joy at seeing him again.
        Idioms: hide your light under a bushel (BrE) to not let people know that you are good at sth
        more at MULTITUDE, HEAD n.
        + noun
        1 [C] (BrE) a place from which people can watch wild animals or birds, without being seen by them
        2 [C, U] an animal's skin, especially when it is bought or sold or used for leather: boots made from buffalo hide + a black hide belt
        3 (informal, especially AmE) used to refer to sb's life or safety when they are in a difficult situation: All he's worried about is his own hide (= himself). + She'd do anything to save her own hide.
        Idioms: have / tan sb's hide (old-fashioned, informal or humorous) to punish sb severely
        not see hide nor hair of sb/sth (spoken) not to see sb/sth for some time: I haven't seen hide nor hair of her for a month.
        Collocation Dictionary


        thick, tough
        Elephants have a very tough hide.
        | buffalo, elephant, elk, ox, rhino

        VERB + HIDE

        The hide is tanned for leather.

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