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hew /hju:/
  • động từ hewed, hewed, hewn
    • chặt, đốn, đẽo; bổ
      • to hew down a tree: đốn cây
      • to hew something to pieces: bổ cái gì ra làm nhiều mảnh
      • to hew asunfer: bổ đôi
      • to hew one's way: chặt cây mở đường
      • to hew at somebody: bổ rìu vào ai, chặt vào ai, lấy dao phạt vào ai
Concise Dictionary
+make or shape as with an axe
+strike with an axe; cut down, strike

Advanced English Dictionary
1 (old-fashioned) to cut sth large with a tool: to hew wood / rocks
2 (written) to make or shape sth large by cutting: roughly hewn timber frames + The statues were hewn out of solid rock. + They hewed a path through the forest.

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