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hesitant /'hezitənt/
  • tính từ
    • do dự, ngập ngừng, lưỡng lự, không nhất quyết
Thesaurus Dictionary
1 hesitating, undecided, uncertain, unsettled, irresolute, vacillating, shilly-shallying, dithering, fluctuating, wavering, unresolved, ambivalent, in or of two minds, indefinite, Brit havering:
He was hesitant about whether to buy the blue or the green model.
2 halting, stammering, stuttering, faltering:
From her hesitant speech I'd say she was nervous.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ adjective
slow to speak or act because you feel uncertain, embarrassed or unwilling: a hesitant smile / reply + She's hesitant about signing the contract. + the baby's first few hesitant steps + Doctors are hesitant to comment on the new treatment.
hesitantly adverb: He smiled hesitantly.

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