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help /help/
  • danh từ
    • sự giúp đỡ, sự cứu giúp, sự giúp ích
      • to need someone's help: cần sự giúp đỡ của ai
      • to give help to someone: giúp đỡ ai
      • to cry (call) for help: kêu cứu, cầu cứu
      • help! help!: cứu (tôi) với! cứu (tôi) với
      • by help of: nhờ sự giúp đỡ của
      • it is a great help: cái đó giúp ích được rất nhiều
    • phương cứu chữa, lối thoát
      • there is no help for it: chuyện này thật vô phương cứu chữa
    • phần đưa mời (đồ ăn, đồ uống)
    • (từ Mỹ,nghĩa Mỹ) người làm, người giúp việc trong nhà
      • lady help: người giúp việc bà chủ nhà
      • mother's help: bà bảo mẫu
  • ngoại động từ
    • giúp đỡ, cứu giúp
      • to someone out of a difficulty: giúp ai ra khỏi hoàn cảnh khó khăn
      • to help someone across a stream: giúp ai đi qua dòng suối
    • đưa mời (đồ ăn, thức uống)
      • let me help you to some more wine: xin cho phép tôi rót thêm rượu vang ông xơi
      • help yourself: xin mời ông xơi
    • nhịn được, ngăn được, chịu được, đừng được; tránh được, cứu chữa
      • I could not help laughing: tôi không thể nào nhịn được cười
      • I could not help it: tôi không thể nào đừng được, tôi không thể nào làm khác được
      • it can't be helped: thật là vô phương, không còn cách gì cứu chữa được nữa
      • don't be longer more than you can help: chừng nào có thể đừng được thì tránh ở lâu; tránh ở lâu chừng nào hay chừng ấy
Concise Dictionary
+the activity of contributing to the fulfillment of a need or furtherance of an effort or purpose
+a resource
+a means of serving
+a person who contributes to the fulfillment of a need or furtherance of an effort or purpose
+give help or assistance; be of service
+be of use
+improve the condition of
+abstain from doing; always used with a negative
+contribute to the furtherance of
+improve; change for the better
+help to some food; help with food or drink
+take or use

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 aid, assist, lend a hand, support, serve; succour:
Let me help you carry that package, Mrs Smith. His charitable efforts have long helped the poor
2 relieve, alleviate, mitigate, improve, facilitate, ease, better, remedy, cure:
Complaining about it won't help the situation.
3 stop, refrain from, avoid, eschew, resist, keep from, forbear, escape:
I know it was a secret but I couldn't help telling Sam.
4 assist, serve, advise, inform:
May I help you, sir?
5 help oneself. appropriate, take, arrogate, commandeer, expropriate; steal, purloin, usurp, plagiarize, pirate, Colloq pinch, lift, Brit nick, US boost:
She helped herself to some money from the till.
6 aid, support, succour, assistance:
I need help in solving this problem.
7 employee(s), worker(s), staff, helper(s), hand(s), assistant(s), labourer(s), domestic(s), servant(s), Brit daily (help):
We have to hire more help to finish on time.
8 supporter, aide, assistant, helper:
You have been a great help to me.
9 relief, remedy, cure, balm:
This ointment has been a great help in stopping the itching.
Advanced English Dictionary
verb, noun
+ verb
make easier / better
1 ~ (sb) (with sth)
~ (sb) (in doing sth) to make it easier or possible for sb to do sth by doing sth for them or by giving them sth that they need: [V] Help, I'm stuck! + He always helps with the housework. + I need contacts that could help in finding a job. + [VN] We must all try and help each other. + Jo will help us with some of the organization. + [VN to inf] The college's aim is to help students (to) achieve their aspirations. + This charity aims to help people (to) help themselves. + [VN inf] Come and help me lift this box. + [V to inf] She helped (to) organize the party.
Help Note: In verb patterns with a to infinitive, the 'to' is often left out, especially in informal or spoken English.
2 to improve a situation; to make it easier for sth to happen: [V] It helped being able to talk about it. + The money raised will help towards (= partly provide) the cost of organizing the championships. + [VN] It doesn't really help matters knowing that everyone is talking about us. + [V to inf] This should help (to) reduce the pain. + We need new measures to help (to) fight terrorism.
sb to move
3 [VN +adv./prep.] to help sb move by letting them lean on you, guiding them, etc: She helped him to his feet. + We were helped ashore by local people.
give food / drink
4 [VN] ~ yourself / sb (to sth) to give yourself/sb food, drinks, etc: If you want another drink, just help yourself. + Can I help you to some more salad?
5 [VN] ~ yourself to sth (informal, disapproving) to take sth without permission
Synonym: STEAL
He'd been helping himself to the money in the cash register.
Idioms: sb can (not) help (doing) sth
sb can not help but do sth used to say that it is impossible to prevent or avoid sth: I can't help thinking he knows more than he has told us. + He can't help being ugly. + She couldn't help but wonder what he was thinking. + It couldn't be helped (= there was no way of avoiding it and we must accept it). + He never does more work than he can help (= he does as little as possible). + I always end up having an argument with her, I don't know why, I just can't help it. + I couldn't help it if the bus was late (= it wasn't my fault). + She burst out laughing-she couldn't help herself (= couldn't stop herself). + She won't be invited again, not if I can help it (= if I can do anything to prevent it).
give / lend a helping hand to help sb
God / Heaven help sb (spoken) used to say that you are afraid sb will be in danger or that sth bad will happen to them: God help us if this doesn't work.
Help Note: Some people find this use offensive.
so help me (God) used to swear that what you are saying is true, especially in a court of law
Phrasal Verbs: help sb off / on with sth to help sb put on/take off a piece of clothing: Let me help you off with your coat.
help out
help sb<->out to help sb, especially in a difficult situation: He's always willing to help out. + When I bought the house, my sister helped me out with a loan.
+ noun
making easier / better
1 [U] ~ (with sth) the act of helping sb to do sth: Thank you for all your help. + Do you need any help with that? + Can I be of any help to you? + None of this would have been possible without their help. + She stopped smoking with the help of her family and friends. + They have at last decided to enlist the help of experts. + The offer of help came too late. + The college will no longer have to close, thanks to the help of private investment.
advice / money
2 [U] ~ (with sth) advice, money, etc. that is given to sb in order to solve their problems: to seek financial / legal / medical help + The organization offers practical help in dealing with paperwork. + You should qualify for help with the costs of running a car. + a help key / screen (= a function on a computer that provides information on how to use the computer)
being useful
3 [U] the fact of being useful: The map wasn't much help. + With the help of a ladder, neighbours were able to rescue the children from the blaze. + Was the information I gave you any help? + The course they sent me on was of no help whatsoever! + Just shouting at him isn't going to be a lot of help.
for sb in danger
4 [U] the act of helping sb who is in danger: Quick, get help! + She screamed for help.
person / thing
5 [sing.] a ~ (to sb) a person or thing that helps sb: She was more of a hindrance than a help. + Your advice was a big help. + (ironic) You're a great help, I must say!
6 [C] (old-fashioned) a person who is employed by sb to clean their house, etc: The help hasn't come this morning.
See also - HOME HELP
Idioms: there is no help for it (especially BrE) it is not possible to avoid doing sth that may harm sb in some way: There's no help for it. We shall have to call the police.

help / aid / assist / attend be present / participate help / aid / assist / attend
Help, aid and assist have similar meanings. Help is much more common than the other two: How can I help you? + Could you help me move this table? + She's been helping Rick with his homework.
Aid is used in formal writing: Three men have been charged with aiding his escape. It is also often used in the context of giving money:
The project has been greatly aided by the generosity of local businesses.

Assist is used more in written or formal contexts. It often suggests that someone is doing some of the simpler parts of the job to make it easier for the person who is doing the more difficult things: She had to be assisted off the plane. + The successful applicant will assist the publicity manager.
Do not use assist to mean 'attend' or 'go to': I want to attend / go to your school next July. + I want to assist to / at / your school next July. We assisted at the concert last Saturday means 'We helped to organize the concert.' Use:
We went to the concert last Saturday.

attend / be present / participate
These words are all formal and are not often used in conversation.
If you attend a concert, you go to it. If you attend a school or class, you regularly go there.
If you are present at an event, you are there when it happens: The manager was not present at the meeting.
To participate in an event means to take an active part in it, not just to be there: I hope everyone will participate in this discussion.
Collocation Dictionary


big, enormous, great, invaluable, real, substantial, tremendous, valuable
You've been a big help?thanks. It's a great help having you around. This is the first scheme to offer real help to working mothers.
| generous | direct
The careers officer gives direct help as well as advice.
| mutual, self-
The system is based on mutual help rather than on payment for services. a best-selling author of self-help books
| voluntary
The homeless centre relies entirely on voluntary help.
| immediate | individual
Teachers have little time to give individual help to students.
| expert, skilled, technical | outside
They can usually manage by themselves, but occasionally need outside help.
| financial, legal, medical, practical, professional
When the symptoms persisted, I decided to seek medical help.


appeal for, ask for, beg for, call for, scream for, seek, send for, shout for, summon
Police are appealing for help in catching the killers. I opened the window and called for help.
| bring, enlist, fetch, find, get
He enlisted the help of a private detective in his search for the truth. He ran to get help.
| need, want
Do you need any help unloading the car?
| get, receive | accept
He's too proud to accept help.
| come to, give sb, offer (sb), provide (sb with)
Passers-by came to the woman's help when she was mugged.


arrive, come
He lay injured for four hours before help arrived.
| be at hand
(informal) Don't panic?help is at hand.


desk, line
For further information, phone our helpline.


beyond ~
Some of the injured animals were beyond help and had to be destroyed.
| of ~
The manual is too technical to be of help to the inexperienced user.
| with ~
With a little help, I think I could fix the computer myself. We broke open the lock with the help of a spanner.
| ~ for
The training centre provides special help for the long-term unemployed.
| ~ from
With help from a parent, a child can do simple cooking.
| ~ in
Local teachers provided invaluable help in developing the material.
| ~ to
She's been a big help to her father.
| ~ with
He'll need help with this homework.


an appeal/a plea/a request for help
The family's request for help went unanswered.
| a cry for help
I heard a cry for help from inside the building.
| in need of help
The man was clearly in need of urgent medical help.
| an offer of help
He rudely rejected her kind offer of help.

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