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hell /hel/
  • danh từ
    • địa ngục, âm ti; nơi tối tăm khổ cực
      • life is a hell under colonialism: dưới ách thực dân cuộc sống làm một địa ngục
      • hell on earth: địa ngục trần gian
    • chỗ giam những người bị bắt (trong trò chơi bắt tù binh của trẻ con)
    • sòng bạc
    • quỷ, đồ chết tiệt (trong câu rủa)
      • hell!: chết tiệt!
      • what the hell do you want?: mày muốn cái chết tiệt gì?
      • to go hell!: đồ chết tiệt!, quỷ tha ma bắt mày đi!
    • a hell of a...
      • kinh khủng, ghê khiếp, không thể chịu được
    • a hell of a way: đường xa kinh khủng
    • a hell of a noise: tiếng ồn ào không thể chịu được
    • to give somebody hell
      • đày đoạ ai, làm ai điêu đứng
    • xỉ vả ai, mắng nhiếc ai
    • like hell
      • hết sức mình, chết thôi
    • to work like hell: làm việc chết thôi
    • to run like hell: chạy chết thôi, chạy như ma đuổi
    • to ride hell for leather
      • (xem) ride
Concise Dictionary
+any place of pain and turmoil
+a cause of difficulty and suffering
+(Christianity) the abode of Satan and the forces of evil; where sinners suffer eternal punishment
+(religion) the world of the dead
+violent and excited activity
+noisy and unrestrained mischief

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 Erebus, Hades, Acheron, Tartarus, Gehenna, Tophet, Abaddon, Pandemonium, Dis, Sheol, Avernus, underworld, infernal regions, abyss, abode of the damned, inferno, hell-fire, lower world, nether regions, bottomless pit, other place:
For his sins he was condemned to everlasting hell.
2 chaos, misery, torment, agony, torture, ordeal, nightmare, trial:
The office has been an absolute hell since you left.
3 anguish, pain, agony, torment, torture, misery, suffering, affliction:
We have been through hell since Grenville's heart attack.
4 criticism, censure; scolding, castigation, reprimand, upbraiding:
My mother gave me hell for getting home late.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun
1 [sing.] (usually Hell) (used without a or the) in some religions, the place believed to be the home of devils and where bad people go after death
2 [U, sing.] a very unpleasant experience or situation in which people suffer very much: The last three months have been hell. + He went through hell during the trial. + Her parents made her life hell. + Being totally alone is my idea of hell on earth.
3 a swear word that some people use when they are annoyed or surprised or to emphasize sth. Its use is offensive to some people: Oh hell, I've burned the pan. + What the hell do you think you are doing? + Go to hell! + I can't really afford it, but, what the hell (= it doesn't matter), I'll get it anyway. + He's as guilty as hell. + (AmE) 'Do you understand?' 'Hell, no. I don't.'
Idioms: all hell broke loose (informal) suddenly there was a lot of noise, arguing, fighting or confusion: There was a loud bang and then all hell broke loose.
beat / kick (the) hell out of sb/sth
knock hell out of sb/sth (informal) to hit sb/sth very hard: He was a dirty player and loved to kick hell out of the opposition.
(just) for the hell of it (informal) just for fun; for no real reason: They stole the car just for the hell of it.
from hell (informal) used to describe a very unpleasant person or thing; the worst that you can imagine: They are the neighbours from hell.
get the hell out (of ...) (spoken) to leave a place very quickly: Let's get the hell out of here.
give sb hell (informal)
1 to make life unpleasant for sb: He used to give his mother hell when he was a teenager. + My new shoes are giving me hell (= are hurting me).
2 to shout at or speak angrily to sb: Dad will give us hell when he sees that mess.
go to hell in a handbasket (AmE, informal) = go to the dogs at DOG n.
hell for leather (old-fashioned, BrE, informal) as quickly as possible: to ride hell for leather
hell hath no fury (like a woman scorned) (BrE) used to refer to sb, usually a woman, who has reacted very angrily to sth, especially the fact that her husband or lover has been UNFAITHFUL
(come) hell or high water in spite of any difficulties: I was determined to go, come hell or high water.
Hell's teeth (old-fashioned, BrE, spoken) used to express anger or surprise: Hell's teeth, I promised I'd be back by two.
like hell
1 (informal) used for emphasis: She worked like hell for her exams. + My broken finger hurt like hell.
2 (spoken) used when you are refusing permission or saying that sth is not true: 'I'm coming with you.' 'Like hell you are' (= you certainly are not).
a / one hell of a ...
a / one helluva (spoken, slang) used to give emphasis to what a person is saying: The firm was in a hell of a mess when he took over. + This holiday is going to cost a hell of a lot of money. + It must have been one hell of a party. + It's taken him a hell of a long time to get here. + That's one helluva big house you've got.
play (merry) hell with sth/sb (BrE, informal) to affect sth badly: Driving on these rough roads has played hell with my tyres.
scare, annoy, etc. the hell out of sb (informal) to scare, annoy, etc. sb very much
to hell and back (informal) used to say that sb has been through a difficult situation: We'd been to hell and back together and we were still good friends.
to hell with sb/sth (spoken) used to express anger or dislike and to say that you no longer care about sb/sth and will take no notice of them: 'To hell with him,' she thought, 'I'm leaving.'
more at BAT n., CAT, CATCH v., HOPE n., PAY v., RAISE v., SNOWBALL n.
Help Note: Some people find the use of the spoken idiom offensive.
Collocation Dictionary

1 place bad people are said to go to when they die


go to
He was terrified of going to hell when he died.




in ~
tormented souls in hell


the fires/flames of hell
Lava poured out of the volcano, glowing like the fires of hell.

2 very unpleasant place/situation


absolute, pure, sheer
It was sheer hell having to sit through hours of boring lectures!
| living
The last few weeks have been a living hell for the refugees.


go through
She's been going through hell with that bad tooth.
| give sb, make sb's life
Her boss is making her life hell.


in ~
‘We're living in hell,’ said one of the refugees.


the … from hell
It really was the holiday from hell?it rained all the time, we all got colds, and we missed the plane home.
| hell on earth
For someone who doesn't like heat, Florida would be hell on earth.

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