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heel /hi:l/
  • danh từ
    • gót chân
    • gót móng (ngựa...); (số nhiều) chân sau (loài thú bốn chân)
    • gót (giày, bít tất)
    • đầu cán vĩ (đàn viôlông); đầu cong (của gậy đánh gôn)
    • (hàng hải) đuôi sống tàu; chân cột buồm
    • (từ Mỹ,nghĩa Mỹ) đồ đê tiện, kẻ đáng khinh
    • Achilles' heel
      • gót A-sin, điểm dễ bị tổn thương
    • at somebody's heel
      • at (on, upon) somebody's heels
        • theo sát gót ai
      • to be carried with the heels foremost
        • đã cho vào sáu tấm đem đi
      • to come to heel
        • lẽo đẽo theo sau chủ (chó)
      • to come (follow) upon the heels of somebody
        • theo sát gót ai
      • to cool (kick) one's heels
        • đứng chờ mỏi gối
      • to be down at heel(s)
        • (xem) down
      • to fling (pick) up one's heels
        • to show a clean pair of heels
          • to take to one's heels
            • vắt chân lên cỏ mà chạy; bỏ chạy
          • to gets (have) the heels of somebody
            • to show the heels to somebody
              • chạy vượt ai, chạy nhanh hơn ai
            • hairy about (at, in) the heel
              • (xem) hairy
            • head over heels
              • heels over head
                • lộn tùng phèo
              • the iron heel
                • gót sắt; sự áp chế tàn bạo
              • to kick up one's heels
                • chết
              • (từ lóng) nhảy cỡn lên
              • to lay (clap, set) somebody by the heels
                • bắt bỏ tù ai, bắt giam ai; giam hãm ai
              • out at heels
                • rách gót (bít tất)
              • đi bít tất rách gót; ăn mặc nghèo nàn rách rưới
              • to turn on one's heels
                • (xem) turn
              • to turn up one's heels
                • chết
              • under heel
                • bị giày xéo, sống dưới gót giày
            • ngoại động từ
              • đóng (gót giày); đan gót (bít tất)
              • theo sát gót
              • (thể dục,thể thao) ((thường) + out) đá gót (để đẩy quả bóng ra khỏi chỗ đang xô lấn)
              • (thể dục,thể thao) đánh bằng đầu cong của gậy (đánh gôn)
              • nội động từ
                • giậm gót chân (khi nhảy múa)
                • nội động từ
                  • (hàng hải) sự nghiêng đi (tàu thuỷ)
      Concise Dictionary
      +the bottom of a shoe or boot; the back part of a shoe or boot that touches the ground and provides elevation
      +the back part of the human foot
      +someone who is morally reprehensible
      +one of the crusty ends of a loaf of bread
      +the lower end of a ship's mast
      +(golf) the part of the clubhead where it joins the shaft
      +tilt to one side
      +follow at the heels of a person
      +perform with the heels
      +strike with the heel of the club
      +put a new heel on

      Thesaurus Dictionary
      1 end, butt or tail or fag (end), stump, remainder, remnant, rind, crust:
      You can always freeze the heel of a loaf to use at some later date for breadcrumbs
      2 cad, scoundrel, swine, rogue, scamp, philanderer, Old-fashioned worm, knave, Chiefly Brit blackguard, Colloq Brit rotter, Old-fashioned bounder, Slang bastard, Brit sod:
      He's an absolute heel - he got her pregnant and then left her.
      3 down at heel. US also down at the heels; poor, destitute, impoverished, down and out, on (one's) uppers, in straitened circumstances; shabby, seedy, dowdy, run-down, slovenly, Brit out at elbows, US out at the elbows, Colloq broke, strapped:
      Farrington looked down at heel, so I slipped him a fiver.
      4 take to (one's) heels. take flight, flee, escape, run off or away, show a clean pair of heels, Colloq split, Brit do a moonlight flit, US take a (run-out) powder, fly the coop, Australian and New Zealand shoot through:
      When I mentioned payment, she took to her heels.
      5 dog, follow (closely), shadow, chase, pursue:
      We have taught our puppy to heel.
      list, lean (over), tilt, tip, incline:
      The boat heeled as we turned to beat into the wind.
      Advanced English Dictionary
      noun, verb
      + noun
      part of foot
      1 [C] the back part of the foot below the ankle
      part of sock / shoe
      2 [C] the part of a sock, etc. that covers the heel
      3 [C] the raised part on the bottom of a shoe, boot, etc. that makes the shoe, etc. higher at the back: shoes with a low / high heel + a stiletto heel + The sergeant clicked his heels and walked out.
      Compare: SOLE n. (2)
      4 (in adjectives) having the type of heel mentioned: high-heeled shoes
      See also - WELL HEELED
      5 (heels) [pl.] a pair of women's shoes that have high heels: She doesn't often wear heels.
      part of hand
      6 [C] ~ of your hand / palm the raised part of the inside of the hand where it joins the wrist
      unpleasant man
      7 [C] (old-fashioned, informal) a man who is unpleasant to other people and cannot be trusted
      Idioms: at / on sb's heels following closely behind sb: He fled from the stadium with the police at his heels.
      bring sb/sth to heel
      1 to force sb to obey you and accept discipline: a non-violent means of bringing the rebels to heel
      2 to make a dog come close to you
      come to heel
      1 (of a person) to agree to obey sb and accept their discipline
      2 (of a dog) to come close to the person who has called it
      (hard / hot) on sb's / sth's heels very close behind sb/sth; very soon after sth: News of rising unemployment followed hard on the heels of falling export figures. + He ran ahead, with the others hot on his heels
      take to your heels to run away from sb/sth
      turn / spin on your heel to turn around suddenly so that you are facing in the opposite direction
      under the heel of sb (literary) completely controlled by sb: The island spent several centuries under the heel of the British Empire.
      more at COOL v., DIG v., DRAG v., HEAD n., KICK v., TREAD v.
      + verb
      repair shoe
      1 [VN] to repair the heel of a shoe, etc.
      of boat
      2 [V] ~ (over) to lean over to one side: The boat heeled over in the strong wind.
      Collocation Dictionary

      1 back part of the foot

      VERB + HEEL

      lean back on, sit back on, squat on
      She took a potato from the fire and sat back on her heels.
      | rock (back) on
      The punch rocked him back on his heels. He rocked back and forth on his heels as he laughed.
      | pivot on, spin on, turn on
      He turned on his heel and marched away angrily.
      | click (together)
      The officer clicked his heels together and saluted.
      | catch
      She caught her heel and tripped.
      | injure

      HEEL + VERB


      HEEL + NOUN



      at your ~s
      She came up the path with two little dogs at her heels.
      | under the ~
      (figurative) For years the nation had been under the heel of a dictatorial regime.


      (close/hard/hot) on your heels
      (figurative) They reached the border with the police hot on their heels.

      2 part of a shoe/sock


      flat, low | high, spike, stiletto | three-inch, etc.

      HEEL + NOUN

      I took my shoes to a heel bar to have them repaired.

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