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heartily /'hɑ:tili/
  • phó từ
    • vui vẻ, thân mật, nồng nhiệt
      • to welcome heartily: tiếp đón nồng nhiệt
    • thành thật, chân thành, thật tâm, thật lòng
    • khoẻ; ngon lành (ăn uống)
    • rất, hoàn toàn, hết sức; thật sự
      • I am heartily sick of it: tôi thật sự chán ngấy cái đó rồi
Concise Dictionary
'hɑrtɪlɪ /'hɑːt-
+with gusto and without reservation
+in a hearty manner

Advanced English Dictionary
+ adverb
1 with obvious enjoyment and enthusiasm: to laugh / sing / eat heartily
2 in a way that shows that you feel strongly about sth: I heartily agree with her on this. + The school heartily approves of parental involvement. + His latest book is heartily recommended to all those who enjoy historical mysteries.
3 (written) extremely: heartily glad / relieved

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