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heart /hɑ:t/
  • danh từ
    • (giải phẫu) tim
    • lồng ngực
      • to draw somebody to one's heart: kéo ai vào lòng
    • trái tim, lòng, tấm lòng, tâm can, tâm hồn
      • a kind heart: lòng tốt
      • a hard heart: lòng nhẫn tâm sắt đá
      • a heavy heart: lòng nặng trĩu đau buồn
      • a false heart: lòng giả dối, lòng phản trắc
      • a heart of gold: tấm lòng vàng
      • to touch (move) someone's heart: làm mủi lòng ai
      • after one's heart: hợp với lòng (ý) mình
      • at heart: tận đáy lòng
      • from the bottom of one's heart: tự đáy lòng
      • in one's heart of hearts: trong thâm tâm
      • with all one's heart: hết lòng, với tất cả tâm hồn
    • tình, cảm tình, tình yêu thương
      • to have no heart: không có tình, sắt đá, nhẫn tâm
      • to win (gain) someone's heart: tranh thủ được cảm tình của ai, chiếm được tình yêu của ai
      • to give (lose) one's heart to somebody: yêu ai, phải lòng ai
    • lòng can đảm, dũng khí; sự nhiệt tâm, sự hăng hái phấn khởi
      • to take heart: can đảm, hăng hái lên
      • to lose heart: mất hết can đảm, mất hết hăng hái
      • to be out of heart: chán nản, thất vọng
      • to be in [good] heart: hăng hái, phấn khởi
    • người yêu quí, người thân yêu (tiếng xưng hô âu yếm)
      • dear heart: em (anh) yêu quý
      • my hearts: (hàng hải) những anh bạn dũng cảm của tôi
    • giữa, trung tâm
      • in the heart of summer: vào giữa mùa hè
      • in the heart of Africa: ở giữa Châu phi
    • ruột, lõi, tâm
      • heart of a head of cabbage: ruột bắp cải
    • điểm chính, điểm chủ yếu, điểm mấu chốt; phần tinh tuý; thực chất
      • the heart of the matter: điểm mấu chốt của vấn đề; thực chất của vấn đề
    • sự màu mỡ (đất)
      • to keep land in good heart: giữ cho đất màu mỡ
      • out of heart: hết màu mỡ
    • (đánh bài), (số nhiều) "cơ" , (số ít) lá bài "cơ"
      • queen of hearts: Q "cơ"
    • vật hình tim
    • to be sick at heart
      • đau buồn, buồn phiền; não lòng, ngao ngán
    • (nói trại) buồn nôn
    • to be the heart and soul of
      • (nghĩa bóng) là linh hồn của (một tổ chức...)
    • to break someone's heart
      • (xem) break
    • by heart
      • thuộc lòng, nhập tâm
    • to learn by heart: học thuộc lòng
    • to have something by heart: nhớ nhập tâm cái gì
    • to cheer (delight, gladden, rejoice, warm) the cockles of someone's heart
      • làm cho ai vui sướng, làm cho ai phấn khởi
    • to come (go) home to somebody's heart
      • to go to somebody's heart
        • làm ai mũi lòng, làm ai thấm thía đến tận tâm can
      • to cry (sob, weep) one's heart out
        • khóc lóc thảm thiết
      • to cut (touch) somebody to the heart
        • làm ai đau lòng, chạm đến tâm can ai
      • to do someone's heart good
        • làm ai vui sướng
      • to devour one's heart
        • to eat one's heart out
          • đau đớn âm thầm, héo hon mòn mỏi đi vì sầu khổ
        • to find [it] in one's heart to do something
          • cảm thấy, thích làm gì; tự bắt mình phải làm gì, quyết tâm làm gì ((thường) phủ định)
        • to have a soft (warm) spot in one's heart for somebody
          • có cảm tình với ai
        • to have one's heart in (sank into) one's boot (shoes)
          • to have one's heart in (leaped into) one's mouth (throat)
            • sợ hết hồn, sợ chết khiếp
          • to have one's heart in one's work
            • làm việc hăng hái hết lòng
          • to have something at heart
            • thiết tha với cái gì, hết sức quan tâm tới cái gì
          • to have the heart to do something
            • có đủ can đảm làm gì
          • có đủ nhẫn tâm làm gì
          • not to have a heart to do something
            • không nỡ lòng nào làm cái gì
          • không đủ can đảm (không dám) làm cái gì
          • have a heart!
            • (từ lóng) hãy rủ lòng thương!
          • to have one's heart in the right place
            • one's heart is (lies) in the right place
              • tốt bụng, có ý tốt, có thiện ý
            • [with] heart and hand
              • hết sức nhiệt tình, với tất cả nhiệt tâm
            • heart and soul
              • with all one's heart and soul
                • với tất cả tâm hồn, hết lòng, hết sức thiết tha
              • in the inmost (secret) recesses of the heart
                • to keep up heart
                  • giữ vững tinh thần, không chán nản, không thất vọng
                • to lay one's heart bare to somebody
                  • thổ lộ nỗi lòng của ai
                • to lay something to heart
                  • để tâm suy nghĩ kỹ cái gì
                • to lie [heavy] at someone's heart
                  • to weigh upon somebody's heart
                    • đè nặng lên lòng ai
                  • to open (uncover, pour out) one's heart to somebody
                    • thổ lộ tâm tình với ai
                  • searching of heart
                    • (xem) searching
                  • to take something to heart
                    • để tâm làm cái gì; quá lo lắng buồn phiền về việc gì
                  • to take heart of grace
                    • lấy can đảm, can đảm lên, hăng lên
                  • to take the heart out of somebody
                    • to put somebody out of heart
                      • làm cho ai chán nản thất vọng
                    • to wear one's heart upon one's sleeve
                      • ruột để ngoài da
Concise Dictionary
heartshɑrt /hɑːt
+the locus of feelings and intuitions
+the hollow muscular organ located behind the sternum and between the lungs; its rhythmic contractions move the blood through the body
+the courage to carry on
+an area that is approximately central within some larger region
+the choicest or most essential or most vital part of some idea or experience
+an inclination or tendency of a certain kind
+a plane figure with rounded sides curving inward at the top and intersecting at the bottom; conventionally used on playing cards and valentines
+a firm rather dry variety meat (usually beef or veal)
+a positive feeling of liking
+a playing card in the major suit that has one or more red hearts on it

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 Colloq ticker, pump:
The doctor says I have a dicky heart.
2 stomach, nerve, courage, bravery, mettle, will, boldness, pluck, resolution, determination; callousness, insensitivity, heartlessness; Colloq guts, spunk:
I haven't the heart to tell him that his hamster died.
3 (basic) nature, core, centre, focus, hub, middle, marrow, pith, essence, quintessence, nucleus, nub, crux, basics, fundamentals, Colloq nitty-gritty:
Let's get down to the heart of the matter.
4 sincerity, sentiment(s), feeling(s), spirit, verve, enthusiasm:
She's going through the motions, but her heart isn't in her work.
5 humanity, humanitarianism, sympathy, understanding, kindness, kindliness, compassion, empathy, goodness, consideration, concern, soul, tenderness, magnanimity, generosity, sensitivity, sensibility, sentiment, pity, (brotherly) love, affection:
Mother Theresa is known for having a lot of heart. Have you no heart, Genghis?
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun
part of body
1 [C] the organ in the left side of the chest that pumps blood around the body: heart trouble / failure + to have a weak heart + The patient's heart stopped beating for a few seconds. + I could feel my heart pounding in my chest (= because of excitement etc.).
2 [C] (literary) the outside part of the chest where the heart is: She clasped the photo to her heart.
feelings / emotions
3 [C] the part of the body where the feelings and emotions are thought to be, especially those connected with love: She has a kind heart. + Have you no heart? + He returned with a heavy heart (= sad). + Her novels tend to deal with affairs of the heart. + The story captured the hearts and minds of a generation.
4 (in adjectives) having the type of character or personality mentioned: cold-hearted + kind-hearted
important part
5 [sing.] ~ (of sth) the most important part of sth: the heart of the matter / problem + The committee's report went to the heart of the government's dilemma. + The distinction between right and wrong lies at the heart of all questions of morality.
6 [C, usually sing.] ~ (of sth) the part that is in the centre of sth: a quiet hotel in the very heart of the city
of cabbage
7 [C] the smaller leaves in the middle of a CABBAGE, LETTUCE, etc.
8 [C] a thing shaped like a heart, often red and used as a symbol of love: The words 'I love you' were written inside a big red heart.
in card games
9 (hearts) [pl., U] one of the four sets of cards (called SUITS) in a pack/deck of cards, with red heart symbols on them: the queen of hearts + Hearts is / are trumps.
10 [C] one card from the set of hearts: Who played that heart?
Idioms: at heart used to say what sb is really like even though they may seem to be sth different: He's still a socialist at heart.
break sb's heart to make sb feel very unhappy: She broke his heart when she called off the engagement. + It breaks my heart to see you like this.
by heart (BrE also off by heart) using only your memory: I've dialled the number so many times I know it by heart. + She's learnt the whole speech off by heart.
close / dear / near to sb's heart having a lot of importance and interest for sb
from the (bottom of your) heart in a way that is sincere: I beg you, from the bottom of my heart, to spare his life. + It was clearly an offer that came from the heart.
give sb (fresh) heart to make sb feel positive, especially when they thought that they had no chance of achieving sth
give your heart to sb to give your love to one person
have a heart! (spoken) used to ask sb to be kind and/or reasonable: Have a heart! I've nowhere else to stay!
have your heart in your mouth to feel nervous or frightened about sth: My heart was in my mouth as she opened the envelope.
have a heart of gold to be a very kind person
have a heart of stone to be a person who does not show others sympathy or pity
heart and soul with a lot of energy and enthusiasm: They threw themselves heart and soul into the project.
your heart goes out to sb used to say that you feel a lot of sympathy for sb: Our hearts go out to the families of the victims.
sb's heart is in the right place used to say that sb's intentions are kind and sincere even though they sometimes do the wrong thing
your heart is not in sth used to say that you are not very interested in or enthusiastic about sth
your heart leaps used to say that you have a sudden feeling of happiness or excitement: My heart leapt at the news.
your heart misses a beat used to say that you have a sudden feeling of fear, excitement, etc: My heart missed a beat when I saw who it was.
your heart sinks used to say that you suddenly feel sad or depressed about sth: My heart sank when I saw how much work there was left. + She watched him go with a sinking heart.
in good heart (BrE) happy and cheerful
in your heart (of hearts) if you know sth in your heart, you have a strong feeling that it is true: She knew in her heart of hearts that she was making the wrong decision.
it does your heart good (to do sth) it makes you feel happy when you see or hear sth: It does my heart good to see the old place being taken care of so well.
let your heart rule your head to act according to what you feel rather than to what you think is sensible
lose heart to stop hoping for sth or trying to do sth because you no longer feel confident
lose your heart (to sb/sth) (written) to fall in love with sb/sth
a man / woman after your own heart a man/woman who likes the same things or has the same opinions as you
my heart bleeds (for sb) (ironic) used to say that you do not feel sympathy or pity for sb: 'I have to go to Brazil on business.' 'My heart bleeds for you!'
not have the heart (to do sth) to be unable to do sth because you know that it will make sb sad or upset
pour out / open your heart to sb to tell sb all your problems, feelings, etc.
set your heart on sth
have your heart set on sth to want sth very much: They've set their heart on a house in the country.
take heart (from sth) to feel more positive about sth, especially when you thought that you had no chance of achieving sth: The government can take heart from the latest opinion polls.
take sth to heart to be very upset by sth that sb says or does: You shouldn't take everything he says to heart.
tear / rip the heart out of sth to destroy the most important part or aspect of sth: Closing the factory tore the heart out of the community.
to your heart's content as much as you want: a supervised play area where children can run around to their heart's content
with all your heart / your whole heart completely: I hope with all my heart that things work out for you.
more at CHANGE n., CROSS v., EAT, ETCH, FIND v., GOODNESS, INTEREST n., SICK adj., SOB v., STEAL v., STRIKE v., TEAR v., WARM v., WAY n., WEAR v., WIN v., YOUNG adj.
Collocation Dictionary

1 part of the body


healthy, strong | bad, weak | artificial | human


beat | pump sth
The heart pumps blood through the body.
| fail, stop | hammer, palpitate, pound, race, throb, thud, thump


rate | complaint, condition, defect, disease, failure, murmur, problem, trouble | bypass, operation, surgery, transplant
a triple heart bypass operation open-heart surgery

2 feelings/emotions


big, good, kind, soft, tender, warm | cold, hard | broken | heavy, sinking
With a heavy heart, she watched him go.
| light
He set off with a light heart.


She has a kind heart. Have you no heart?
| break
He broke her heart.
| gladden | steal, win | harden | open, pour out
Finally, he broke down tears and poured out his heart to her.


jump, leap, lurch, miss/skip a beat
Her heart leapt with joy.
| ache
My heart aches when I think of their sorrow.
| desire sth
everything your heart could desire
| sink | go out
Our hearts go out to (= we sympathize deeply with)the families of the victims.


at ~
At heart he is a republican.
| from the ~
I could tell he spoke from the heart.
| in your ~
In my heart, I knew it wasn't true.


an affair of the heart
(= a romance)Her novels tend to deal with affairs of the heart
| a change of heart
(= a change of attitude)He could have a change of heart and settle down to family life.
| from the bottom of your heart
I beg you, from the bottom of my heart, to spare his life.
| heart and soul
He committed himself heart and soul to the cause.
| have a heart of gold/stone
(= to be a kind/cruel person) (= no sympathetic feelings),
the hearts and minds of sb
to win the hearts and minds of the nation's youth
| in good heart
(= cheerful and well),
put some/more heart into sth
Let's sing it one more time from the beginning?and put some heart into it!
| sick at heart
(= very unhappy),
with all your heart
I wish you well with all my heart.

3 important/central part




lie at
The distinction between right and wrong lies at the heart of all questions of morality.
| go to
The committee's report went to the heart of the government's dilemma.


at the ~
the issue at the heart of modern government
| ~ of
We live in the very heart of the city.


the heart of the matter/problem

4 playing card


cards two, three, etc. of ~s the four of hearts

jack, queen, king, ace of ~s the ace of spades

high, low ~ a low club

black, red ~ You can't put a red five on a red six.

pick up, take ~ Why didn't you pick up the king?

have, hold ~ He knew his opponents held only spades and diamonds.

lay/put down, play ~ She put down a joker.

lead ~ You should have led a high spade.

draw ~ Use your ace and king to draw the trumps.

trump ~ He trumped my ace!

~ be trumps/wild/high Spades are trumps. Let's play again. This time twos are wild, aces high.

~ trick (in games like bridge and whist) We needed to take three more spade tricks.

on a/the ~ You can play either a nine or a jack on a ten.

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