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hear /hiə/
  • động từ heard /hə:d/
    • nghe
      • he doesn't hear well: anh ta nghe không rõ
      • to hear a lecture: nghe bài thuyết trình
      • to hear the witnesses: nghe lời khai của những người làm chứng
      • to hear someone out: nghe ai nói cho đến hết
    • nghe theo, chấp nhận, đồng ý
      • he will not hear of it: hắn chẳng chịu nghe đâu, hắn chẳng đồng ý đâu
    • (+ of, about, from) nghe nói, nghe tin, được tin, biết tin; nhận được (thư...)
      • to hear from somebody: nhận được tin của ai
      • have you heard of the news?: anh ta đã biết tin đó chưa?
      • I have never heard of such a thing!: chưa bao giờ tôi lại nghe được một điều như vậy!
    • hear! hear!
      • hoan hô!; đúng đúng! hay lắm!, tuyệt! (đôi khi có ý mỉa mai)
    • you will hear of this!
      • rồi cậu còn nghe chửi chán về cái chuyện đó!, rồi cậu sẽ biết tay!
Concise Dictionary
heard|hears|hearinghɪr /hɪə
+perceive (sound) via the auditory sense
+get to know or become aware of, usually accidentally
+examine or hear (evidence or a case) by judicial process
+receive a communication from someone
+listen and pay attention

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 perceive, understand, listen (to), attend (to), pay attention (to), catch, heed, hark (to):
Please hear what I have to say first.
2 understand, learn, discover, find out, gather, get wind of, pick up, ascertain, be told or advised or informed:
I hear you're thinking of resigning.
3 hear of. entertain, consider; approve (of), sanction, condone, agree or consent or assent to:
I won't hear of your leaving.
Advanced English Dictionary
1 (not used in the progressive tenses) to be aware of sounds with your ears: [V] I can't hear very well. + [VN] She heard footsteps behind her. + I couldn't hear anything. + [VN -ing] He could hear a dog barking. + [VN inf] Did you hear him go out? + I heard a car drive off. + [V wh-] Didn't you hear what I said? + [VN to inf] She has been heard to make threats to her former lover.
Help Note: This pattern is only used in the passive.
2 (not used in the progressive tenses) to listen or pay attention to sb/sth: [VN] Did you hear that play on the radio last night? + a chance to hear the first movement again + to hear both sides of the argument + [VN inf] Be quiet-I can't hear myself think! (= it is so noisy that I can't think clearly) + Have you ever heard him lecture? + [V wh-] We'd better hear what they have to say. + I hear what you're saying (= I have listened to your opinion), but you're wrong.
3 (not usually used in the progressive tenses) ~ (about sb/sth) to be told about sth: [V] Haven't you heard? She resigned. + 'I'm getting married.' 'So I've heard.' + I was sorry to hear about your accident. + Wait till he hears about this. + [VN] We had heard nothing for weeks. + I was delighted to hear your good news. + [V (that)] I was surprised to hear (that) he was married. + [VN (that)] I've heard it said (that) they met in Italy. [also V wh-]
4 [VN] to listen to and judge a case in a court of law: The appeal was heard in private. + Today the jury began to hear the evidence.
Idioms: Have you heard the one about ...? used to ask sb if they have heard a particular joke before
hear! hear! used to show that you agree with or approve of what sb has just said, especially during a speech
hear tell (of sth) (old-fashioned or formal) to hear people talking about sth: I've often heard tell of such things.
not / never hear the end of it to keep being reminded of sth because sb is always talking to you about it: If we don't get her a dog we'll never hear the end of it.
you could hear a pin drop it was extremely quiet: The audience was so quiet you could have heard a pin drop.
(Do) you hear me? (spoken) used to tell sb in an angry way to pay attention and obey you: You can't go-do you hear me?
more at LAST n., THING, VOICE n.
Phrasal Verbs: hear from sb
hear sth from sb to receive a letter, telephone call, etc. from sb: (written) I look forward to hearing from you. + I haven't heard anything from her for months. + It was good to hear from him again.
hear of sb/sth
hear sth of sb/sth to know about sb/sth because you have been told about them: I've never heard of the place. + I was so sorry to hear of your father's death. + She disappeared and was never heard of again. + The last I heard of him he was living in Glasgow. + This is the first I've heard of it!
not hear of sth to refuse to let sb do sth, especially because you want to help them: She wanted to walk home but I wouldn't hear of it. + [+ -ing] He wouldn't hear of my walking home alone
See also - UNHEARD-OF
hear sb out to listen until sb has finished saying what they want to say: I know you're furious with me, but please hear me out.
Collocation Dictionary

1 be aware of sounds


clearly, well
He's getting old and he can't hear very well.
| just
I could just hear the music in the distance.
| distantly
Distantly he heard the report of another gun.
| aright, correctly
‘Sheep?’ It sounded so unlikely that Julia did not think she could have heard aright.


Can you hear me clearly at the back?
| pretend not to | strain to

2 be told about sth


be delighted to, be glad to, be gratified to, be pleased to
I was delighted to hear about your promotion.
| be sorry to
I was sorry to hear of your father's death.
| be interested to, be surprised to
I was surprised to hear that she was married.
| want to
I told Michael what he wanted to hear.
| let sb
Let's hear you sing, then. You'd better not let Dad hear you say that.


I've heard about this sort of thing before.
| of
On hearing of his plight, the council offered him a home.


hear little, a lot, nothing, etc. about sth
We hear very little about these issues nowadays.

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