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heap /hi:p/
  • danh từ
    • đống
      • a heap of sand: một đống cát
    • (thông tục) rất nhiều
      • there is heaps more to say on this question: còn có thể nói rất nhiều về vấn đề này
      • heaps of times: rất nhiều lần
      • heaps of people: rất nhiều người
    • (số nhiều dùng như phó từ) nhiều, lắm
      • he is heaps better: nó khá (đỡ) nhiều rồi
    • to be struck all of a heap
      • điếng người, sửng sốt, rụng rời, mất vía
  • ngoại động từ
    • ((thường) + up) xếp thành đống, chất đống
      • to heap up stones: xếp đá lại thành đống, chất đống
      • to heap up riches: tích luỹ của cải
    • để đầy, chất đầy; cho nhiều
      • to heap a card with goods: chất đầy hàng lên xe bò
      • to heap insults upon someone: chửi ai như tát nước vào mặt
      • to heap someone with favours: ban cho ai nhiều đặc ân
Concise Dictionary
+a collection of objects laid on top of each other
+(often followed by `of') a large number or amount or extent
+a car that is old and unreliable
+bestow in large quantities
+arrange in stacks
+fill to overflow

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 collection, pile, mound, stack, accumulation, aggregation, agglomeration, congeries, conglomeration, hoard, mass, store, mountain, stockpile, supply, Colloq US and Canadian stash:
Donors contributed a huge heap of clothing for the sale.
2 Often, heaps. abundance, plethora, superabundance, lot(s), plenty, great deal, scores, peck, sea, Colloq lashings, load(s), piles, ton(s), raft(s), pots, oodles, scad(s), US and Canadian slew:
It was served with heaps of chocolate sauce. Heaps of people bought your record. You're in for a heap of trouble.
3 collect, gather, harvest, reap, glean, garner, pile (up), accumulate, cumulate, aggregate, amass, stockpile, save (up), bank, lay by or up or in, set aside, Colloq stash (away):
In autumn, squirrels heap up their supplies of nuts for the winter.
4 shower, load, bestow, give, provide, burden:
The grateful prince heaped us with treasure beyond imagination.

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