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hark /hɑ:k/
  • nội động từ, (thường), lời mệnh lệnh
    • nghe
      • hark!: nghe đây
    • (săn bắn) (hark forward, away, off) đi, đi lên (giục chó săn)
      • hark away!: đi lên!
  • ngoại động từ
    • gọi (chó săn) về
    • to hark back
      • (săn bắn) lần đường ngược lại đánh hơi tìm dấu vết thú săn
    • (nghĩa bóng) (+ to) quay trở lại (vấn đề gì)
Concise Dictionary
harks|harked|harkinghɑrk /hɑːk
+listen; used mostly in the imperative
Advanced English Dictionary
+ verb
[V] (old use) used only as an order to tell sb to listen: Hark! I hear a step on the stair!
Phrasal Verbs: hark at sb (BrE, spoken) used only as an order to draw attention to sb who has just said sth stupid or who is showing too much pride: Just hark at him! Who does he think he is?
hark back (to sth)
1 to remember or talk about sth that happened in the past: She's always harking back to how things used to be.
2 to remind you of, or to be like, sth in the past: The newest styles hark back to the clothes of the Seventies.

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