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half /hɑ:f/
  • danh từ, số nhiều halves
    • (một) nửa, phân chia đôi
      • half an hour: nửa giờ
      • to cut something in half: chia (cắt) cái gì ra làm đôi
    • nửa giờ, ba mươi phút
      • half past two: 2 giờ 30 phút, 2 giờ rưỡi
    • phần thưởng một nửa (không hoàn toàn là một nửa)
      • the larger half: phần to lớn
      • he waster half of his time: nó lâng phí mất phân nửa thời gian của nó
    • học kỳ (ở những trường học có hai học kỳ trong một năm)
    • one's better half
      • vợ
    • to cry halves
      • (xem) cry
    • to do something by halves
      • làm cái gì nửa vời; làm cái gì không đến nơi đến chốn
    • to go halves with someone in something
      • chia sẻ một nửa cái gì với ai
    • too clever by half
      • (mỉa mai) quá ư là thông minh
  • tính từ
    • nửa
      • a half share: phần nửa
      • half the men: nửa số người
      • half your time: nửa thời gian của anh
    • the first blow (stroke) is half the battle
      • a good beginning is half the battle
        • bắt đầu tốt là xong một nửa công việc
    • phó từ
      • nửa, dơ dở, phần nửa
        • half crying, half laughing: nửa khóc nửa cười, dở khóc dở cười
        • to be half awake: nửa thức, nửa ngủ
      • được, kha khá, gần như
        • half dead: gần chết
        • it is not half enough: thế chưa đủ
      • half as much (many) again
        • nhiều gấp rưỡi
      • not half
        • (thông tục) không một chút nào
      • he is not half bad; he is not half a bad felloow: anh ta không phải là một người xấu chút nào, anh ta là một người tốt
      • (từ lóng) rất, hết sức, vô cùng, làm
        • he didn't half swear: hắn thề thốt rất ghê
Concise Dictionary
+one of two equal parts of a divisible whole
+in various games or performances: either of two periods of play separated by an interval
+consisting of one of two equivalent parts in value or quantity
+(of siblings) related through one parent only
+partially or to the extent of a half
Advanced English Dictionary
noun, determiner, pronoun, adverb
+ noun
(plural halves )
1 either of two equal parts into which sth is or can be divided: two and a half kilos (2?) + One and a half hours is / are allowed for the exam. + An hour and a half is allowed for the exam. + The second half of the book is more exciting. + I've divided the money in half. + We'll need to reduce the weight by half.
See also - HALVE
2 either of two periods of time into which a sports game, concert, etc. is divided: No goals were scored in the first half.
4 (BrE, informal) half a PINT of beer or a similar drink: Two halves of bitter, please.
Idioms: and a half (informal) bigger, better, more important, etc. than usual: That was a game and a half!
do nothing / not do anything by halves to do whatever you do completely and thoroughly: You're expecting twins? Well, you never did do anything by halves.
go half and half
go halves (with sb) to share the cost of sth equally with sb: We go halves on all the bills.
the half of it used in negative sentences to say that a situation is worse or more complicated than sb thinks: 'It sounds very difficult.' 'You don't know the half of it.'
how the other half lives the way of life of a different social group, especially one much richer than you
too clever, etc. by half (BrE, informal, disapproving) clever, etc. in a way that annoys you or makes you suspicious
more at MIND n., SIX, TIME n.
determiner, pronoun
1 an amount equal to half of sth/sb: half an hour + Half (of) the fruit was bad. + Half of the money was mine. + He has a half share in the company. + Out of 36 candidates, half passed.
2 ~ the time, fun, trouble, etc. the largest part of sth: Half the fun of gardening is never knowing exactly what's going to come up. + Half the time you don't even listen to what I say.
Idioms: half a minute, second, etc. (informal) a short time: Hang on. I'll be ready in half a minute.
half past one, two, etc. (AmE also half after one, two, etc.) (also BrE informal half one, two, etc.) 30 minutes after any hour on the clock
+ adverb
1 to the extent of half: The glass was half full.
2 partly: The chicken was only half cooked. + half-closed eyes + I'm half inclined to agree.
Idioms: half as many, much, etc. again (AmE half again as much) an increase of 50% of the existing number or amount: Spending on health is half as much again as it was in 1998.
not half (BrE, informal) used to emphasize a statement or an opinion: It wasn't half good (= it was very good). + 'Was she annoyed?' 'Not half!' (= she was extremely annoyed).
not half as
not half such a not nearly: He is not half such a fool as they think.
not half bad (informal) (used to show surprise) not bad at all; good: It really isn't half bad, is it?
half / whole / quarter
Quarter, half and whole can all be nouns: Cut the apple into quarters. + Two halves make a whole.
Whole is also an adjective: I've been waiting here for a whole hour.
Half is also a determiner: Half (of) the work is already finished. + They spent half the time looking for a parking space. + Her house is half a mile down the road. Note that you do not put a or the in front of half when it is used in this way:
I waited for half an hour. + I waited for a half an hour.

Half can also be used as an adverb: This meal is only half cooked.(also half)
+ noun
1 [C] one of the defending players in football/soccer, hockey or rugby whose position is between those who play at the front of a team and those who play at the back
2 [C] one of the two attacking players in American football whose position is behind the QUARTERBACK and beside the FULLBACKS
3 [U] the position a halfback plays at: Sammer is at halfback.
Collocation Dictionary


first, second | last, latter
in the latter half of the nineteenth century
| top, upper | bottom, lower
the lower half of the window
| front | back, rear
the rear half of the car
| left, right
the left half of the brain
| northern, western, etc.
the northern half of the country


by a ~
Costs rose by a half.
| in ~
We divided the money in half.
| in the … ~
He played well in the second half of the match.
| ~ of
the first half of the concert Over a half of all accidents happen in the home.


about/almost/at least/over a half
Over a half of all the people interviewed said they were disappointed in the government.
| half and half
We split the work half and half.
| one/two/three, etc. and a half
She's four and a half years old now.

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