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hail /heil/
  • danh từ
    • mưa đá
    • loạt, tràng dồn dập (như mưa); trận tới tấp
      • a hail of questions: một loạt câu hỏi dồn dập
      • a hail of bullets: một trận mưa đạn
  • nội động từ
    • mưa đá
      • it hails: trời mưa đá
    • đổ dồn (như mưa đá), trút xuống (như mưa đá), giáng xuống (như mưa)
    • ngoại động từ
      • trút xuống (như mưa), giáng xuống (như mưa), đổ dồn xuống
        • to hail down blows on someone: đấm ai túi bụi
        • to hail curses on someone: chửi ai như tát nước vào mặt
    • danh từ
      • lời chào
      • lời gọi, lời réo
        • within hail: gần gọi nghe thấy được
        • out of hail: ở xa gọi không nghe thấy được
    • ngoại động từ
      • chào
      • hoan hô, hoan nghênh
        • the crowd hailed the combatants of the liberation forces: quần chúng hoan hô các chiến sĩ của lực lượng giải phóng
      • gọi, réo, hò (đò...)
      • nội động từ ((thường) + from)
        • tới (từ đâu)
          • a ship hailing drom Shanghai: một chuyến tàu từ Thượng-hải tới
      • thán từ
        • chào!
      Concise Dictionary
      +precipitation of ice pellets when there are strong rising air currents
      +enthusiastic greeting
      +praise vociferously
      +be a native of
      +call for
      +greet enthusiastically or joyfully
      +precipitate as small ice particles

      Thesaurus Dictionary
      1 greet, accost, address, signal, call:
      Robert hailed us from across the road.
      2 cheer, salute, applaud, approve, glorify, praise, laud, honour, acclaim, congratulate, felicitate, acknowledge:
      He was hailed by all for his charitable work.
      1 rain or beat or shower (down) on, bombard, pelt, volley, barrage:
      Rocks and debris hailed down on us from the cliffs above.
      2 volley, storm, shower, torrent, bombardment, barrage:
      They were greeted by a hail of abuse when they entered the meeting hall.
      Advanced English Dictionary
      verb, noun
      + verb
      1 [usually passive] ~ sb/sth (as) sth to describe sb/sth as being very good or special, especially in newspapers, etc: [VN] The conference was hailed as a great success. + [VN-N] Teenager Matt Brown is being hailed a hero for saving a young child from drowning.
      2 [VN] to signal to a taxi or a bus, in order to get the driver to stop: to hail a taxi / cab
      3 [VN] (literary) to call to sb in order to greet them or attract their attention: A voice hailed us from the other side of the street. + We soon came within hailing distance of (= fairly close to) the others.
      See also - LOUDHAILER
      4 [V] when it hails, small balls of ice fall like rain from the sky: It's hailing!
      Phrasal Verbs: hail from ... (formal) to come from or have been born in a particular place: His father hailed from Italy.
      + noun
      1 [U] small balls of ice that fall like rain: We drove through hail and snow.
      2 [sing.] a ~ of sth a large number or amount of sth that is aimed at sb in order to harm them: a hail of arrows / bullets + a hail of abuse
      Collocation Dictionary

      HAIL + VERB

      Hail fell shortly after lunch.
      | melt
      The hail melted once the sun came out.


      in (the) ~
      We got caught in the hail.
      | through (the) ~
      driving through the hail

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