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grow /grou/
  • nội động từ grew; grown
    • mọc, mọc lên (cây cối); mọc mầm, đâm chồi nẩy nở
      • rice plants grow well: lúa mọc tồi
      • to be grown over with grass: cỏ mọc đầy lên
    • lớn, lớn lên (người)
      • to grow into a beautiful girl: lớn lên trở thành một cô gái đẹp
      • to find someone much grown: thấy ai chóng lớn quá
    • phát triển, tăng lên, lớn thêm
      • our national economy is growing: nền kinh tế quốc dân của ta đang phát triển
      • the crowd grows: đám đông tăng lên
    • dần dần trở thành, dần dần trở nên
      • it's growing gark: trời tối dần
      • to grow better: khá hơn lên
      • to grow worse: xấu đi
      • to grow old: già đi
      • to grow smaller: bé đi
      • to grow angry: nổi giận
      • to grow sleep: buồn ngủ
      • to grow weary of: chán ngấy (cái gì)
      • he grows to like painting: hắn đâm ra thích vẽ
  • ngoại động từ
    • trồng (cây, hoa)
    • để (râu, tóc...) mọc dài
    • to grow down
      • mọc ngược, mọc đầu xuống dưới
    • giảm đi, bớt đi, kém đi, nhỏ đi
    • to grow downwards
      • giảm đi, bớt đi
    • to grow in
      • mọc vào trong
    • dính vào, cáu vào, khắc sâu vào
    • ăn sâu vào
    • to grow on (upon)
      • nhiễm sâu vào, thấm sâu vào; ngày càng ảnh hưởng đến
    • the new way of life grows upon him: lối sống mới đã thấm sâu vào anh ấy
    • ngày càng thích hơn
      • the piece of music grows upon me: càng nghe bản nhạc ấy tôi càng thấy thích
    • to grow out [of]
      • nảy sinh ra từ, phát sinh ra từ
    • bỏ (thói quen)
      • to grow out of a bad habit: bỏ một thói xấu
    • quá, vượt quá (khổ, cỡ)
      • to grow out of knowledge: lớn quá không nhận ra được nữa
    • to grow to
      • đạt tới, tới, lên tới
    • to grow to manhood: tới tuổi trưởng thành
    • to grow up
      • lớn lên, trưởng thành
    • to be grow up: đến tuổi trưởng thành, lớn lên
    • nảy sinh; lan rộng, trở thành phổ biến (phong tục, tập quán...)
Concise Dictionary
+pass into a condition gradually, take on a specific property or attribute; become
+become larger, greater, or bigger; expand or gain
+increase in size by natural process
+cause to grow or develop
+develop and reach maturity; undergo maturation
+come into existence; take on form or shape
+cultivate by growing, often involving improvements by means of agricultural techniques
+come to have or undergo a change of (physical features and attributes)
+grow emotionally or mature
+become attached by or as if by the process of growth

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 flourish, develop, increase, become larger or greater, enlarge, wax, swell, expand, broaden, thicken, spread, lengthen, multiply, burgeon or bourgeon, thrive, luxuriate, prosper, mature, ripen, bloom, flower, blossom, fructify, bear or yield fruit:
The seeds he had planted grew abundantly. The population continues to grow
2 develop, evolve, arise, issue, stem, spring (up), originate:
A great friendship grew out of their association.
3 plant, cultivate, breed, nurture, raise, propagate, produce; sow:
Cathcart grows sorghum where he used to grow alfalfa.
4 become, get:
I am growing fonder of you every day, Abbie.
5 grow on. get or become accepted by, come or begin to be liked by, to gain or increase in interest or attraction to, become more pleasing to:
I didn't like her at first, but she grows on you.
6 grow up. mature, reach or attain maturity or adulthood, come of age, reach one's majority:
Those who grew up in the Great Depression knew real poverty.
Advanced English Dictionary
1 ~ (in sth) to increase in size, number, strength or quality: [V] The company profits grew by 5% last year. + The family has grown in size recently. + She is growing in confidence all the time. + A growing number of people are going vegetarian. + There is growing opposition to the latest proposals. + Shortage of water is a growing problem. + The performance improved as their confidence grew. + [V-ADJ] The company is growing bigger all the time.
of person / animal
2 to become bigger or taller and develop into an adult: [V] You've grown since the last time I saw you! + Nick's grown almost an inch in the last month. + The puppies grow quickly during the first six months. + A growing child needs plenty of sleep. + [V-ADJ] to grow bigger / taller
of plant
3 to exist and develop in a particular place; to make plants grow: [V] The region is too dry for plants to grow. + These roses grow to a height of 6 feet. + Tomatoes grow best in direct sunlight. + [VN] I didn't know they grew rice in France. + I grew all these flowers from one packet of seeds.
See also - HOME-GROWN
of hair / nails
4 to become longer; to allow sth to become longer by not cutting it: [V] I've decided to let my hair grow. + [VN] I've decided to grow my hair. + I didn't recognize him-he's grown a beard.
become / begin
5 linking verb [V-ADJ] to begin to have a particular quality or feeling over a period of time: to grow old / bored / calm + As time went on he grew more and more impatient. + The skies grew dark and it began to rain.
6 [V to inf] to gradually begin to do sth: I'm sure you'll grow to like her in time. + He grew to understand her reasons for leaving.
develop skills
7 [V] ~ (as sth) (of a person) to develop and improve particular qualities or skills: She continues to grow as an artist. + A secure background will help a child to grow emotionally.
8 [VN] to increase the size, quality or number of sth: We are trying to grow the business.
Idioms: it / money doesn't grow on trees (spoken) used to tell sb not to use sth or spend money carelessly because you do not have a lot of it
more at GRASS n.
Phrasal Verbs: grow apart (from sb) to stop having a close relationship with sb over a period of time: As we got older we just grew apart. + Since moving to London, he's grown apart from many of his friends.
grow away from sb [no passive] to become less close to sb; to depend on sb or care for sb less: When she left school she grew away from her mother.
grow back to begin growing again after being cut off or damaged: His eyebrows never grew back after the accident.
grow into sth [no passive]
1 to gradually develop into a particular type of person over a period of time: He's grown into a handsome young man.
2 (of a child) to grow big enough to fit into a piece of clothing that used to be too big: The dress is too long for her now but she'll grow into it.
3 to become more confident in a new job, etc. and learn to do it better: She's still growing into her new role as a mother.
grow on sb [no passive] if sb/sth grows on you, you start to like them or it more and more: The neighbourhood was beginning to grow on me. + This song is really growing on me.
grow out (of a hairstyle, etc.) to disappear as your hair grows: I had a perm a year ago and it still hasn't grown out.
grow sth<->out to allow your hair to grow in order to change the style: I've decided to grow my layers out.
grow out of sth [no passive]
1 (of a child) to become too big to fit into a piece of clothing
Synonym: OUTGROW
He's already grown out of his school uniform.
2 to stop doing sth as you become older
Synonym: OUTGROW
Most children suck their thumbs but they grow out of it.
3 to develop from sth: The idea for the book grew out of a visit to India. + The decision to introduce job sharing grew out of a general desire for flexible working hours.
grow up
1 (of a person) to develop into an adult: She grew up (= spent her childhood) in Boston. + Their children have all grown up and left home now. + [+ to inf] He grew up to become a famous pianist.
related noun GROWN-UP
2 used to tell sb to stop behaving in a silly way: Why don't you grow up? + It's time you grew up.
3 to develop gradually: A closeness grew up between the two girls.
Collocation Dictionary

1 increase


fast, quickly, rapidly | slowly | steadily | exponentially
Well before a billionth of a second had elapsed the universe started to grow exponentially.


seem to | begin to, start to | continue to | be expected to


Profits are expected to grow by 10% next year.
| from
Her media empire grew from quite small beginnings.
| in
She continued to grow in confidence
| into
The village grew into a town.

2 of a person/animal


fast, quickly, rapidly | slowly


The small puppy quickly grew into a very large dog.

3 of plants/hair


Tomatoes grow best in direct sunlight.
| fast, quickly, rapidly | slowly | steadily | thickly
the nettles that grew thickly round the boathouse
| outwards, upwards
As the island subsided the reef grew upwards and outwards.


allow sth to, let sth
She decided to let her hair grow.


The tree grew from a small acorn.
| into
Small acorns grow into great oak trees.


grow unchecked
A rose in full bloom had been allowed to grow unchecked up one of the walls.

4 make plants grow


organically grown produce


be easy to
an attractive plant which is very hardy and easy to grow

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