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  • lớn hơn, có ý nghĩa hơn
Concise Dictionary
+a person who has achieved distinction and honor in some field
+relatively large in size or number or extent; larger than others of its kind
+of major significance or importance
+remarkable or out of the ordinary in degree or magnitude or effect
+very good
+marked by active interest and enthusiasm
+in an advanced stage of pregnancy

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 big, large, huge, immense, enormous, gigantic, giant, grand, extensive, prodigious, colossal, massive, vast, tremendous; spacious, capacious, mammoth, gargantuan, monstrous, titanic, Cyclopean, Brobdingnagian:
Europe was covered by a great forest. A great castle loomed before me
2 large, huge, immense, enormous, gigantic, prodigious, vast, tremendous, abundant, countless:
Plague killed a great number of people.
3 extreme, considerable, marked, pronounced, inordinate, extraordinary, significant; excess, excessive:
I have something of great importance to tell you. Your news created great confusion
4 critical, important, crucial, momentous, significant, serious, weighty, consequential:
Those were great days for the history of England.
5 important, prominent, major, eminent, celebrated, distinguished, famous, famed, renowned, notable, noteworthy, illustrious, outstanding, well-known, weighty, influential, Rare eximious:
What of the great universities, like Oxford and Cambridge? Our mayor thinks of himself as a great man
6 talented, gifted, excellent, outstanding, exceptional, major, superlative, superior, leading, best, incomparable, matchless, peerless, skilful, artistic, brilliant, first-rate, remarkable, top, accomplished:
Flaubert was one of the greatest writers of his age. Tamara is a good dancer, but not a great dancer
7 lofty, elevated, exalted, noble, high-minded, grand:
Great thoughts come from great minds.
8 talented, skilled, skilful, adroit, clever, adept, able, proficient, expert:
Daphne is really great at playing bridge.
9 keen, zealous, eager, active, enthusiastic, devoted, ardent, passionate:
Frank is a great stamp collector.
10 close, devoted, dedicated, fast, faithful, true, loyal, intimate, loving:
Graham and Pembroke quickly became great friends.
11 terrible, bad, awful, unforgivable, horrendous, heinous, grievous, horrific, horrible, terrific, huge, colossal, enormous, gigantic, significant, cardinal, egregious, basic, profound, flagrant, glaring, arrant, consummate, out-and-out:
Inviting her at the same time as her ex-husband was a great mistake.
12 spectacular, marvellous, outstanding, excellent, superb, grand, wonderful, fine Colloq fantastic, terrific, stupendous, marvy, smashing, fantabulous, Old-fashioned Brit tickety-boo:
He says that we missed a truly great show.

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