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goodwill /gud'wil/
  • danh từ
    • thiện ý, thiện chí; lòng tốt
      • people of goodwill: những người có thiện chí
    • (thương nghiệp) khách hàng; sự tín nhiệm (đối với khách hàng)
    • (thương nghiệp) đặc quyền kế nghiệp
Concise Dictionary
+(accounting) an intangible asset valued according to the advantage or reputation a business has acquired (over and above its tangible assets)
+the friendly hope that something will succeed
+a disposition to kindness and compassion

Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun [U]
1 friendly or helpful feelings towards other people or countries: a spirit of goodwill in international relations + a goodwill gesture / a gesture of goodwill + The President is on a goodwill visit to Japan. + Given goodwill on both sides, I am sure we can reach an agreement. + Theatres increasingly have to rely on the goodwill of private sponsors to survive.
2 the good relationship between a business and its customers that is calculated as part of its value when it is sold
Collocation Dictionary


enjoy, have | create
Addressing customers in their own language helps create goodwill.
| win | lose
They are in danger of losing the government's goodwill.
| depend on, rely on | express, show


~ to, ~ towards
He expressed goodwill towards his former colleagues.


a gesture of goodwill
The government released him as a gesture of goodwill.
| in a spirit of goodwill
They made the offer in a spirit of goodwill.

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