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  • hàng hoá
  • sportg., g. in stock hàng hiện có
Concise Dictionary
noun merchandise; belongings, personal possessions; movable property
+moral excellence or admirableness
+that which is pleasing or valuable or useful
+articles of commerce
+having desirable or positive qualities especially those suitable for a thing specified
+having the normally expected amount
+morally admirable
+deserving of esteem and respect
+promoting or enhancing well-being
+agreeable or pleasing
+of moral excellence
+having or showing knowledge and skill and aptitude
+with or in a close or intimate relationship
+financially sound
+most suitable or right for a particular purpose
+resulting favorably
+exerting force or influence
+capable of pleasing
+appealing to the mind
+in excellent physical condition
+tending to promote physical well-being; beneficial to health
+not forged
+not left to spoil
+generally admired
+(often used as a combining form) in a good or proper or satisfactory manner or to a high standard (`good' is a nonstandard dialectal variant for `well')
+in a complete and thorough manner (`good' is sometimes used informally for `thoroughly')

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 agreeable, satisfactory, commendable, acceptable, fair, adequate, admissible, tolerable, all right, passable, Colloq okay or OK:
According to the reviews, the new opera is good but not great.
2 admirable, outstanding, first-rate, first-class, fine, superb, superior, tiptop, extraordinary, exemplary, choice, excellent, capital, marvellous, wonderful, splendid, sterling, Colloq super(-duper), great, smashing, A1 or A-1 or A-one, Brit cracking, brilliant, amazing, ace, knockout, brill, fantastic, terrific, unbelievable, groovy, fab, fabulous, crucial, serious, US bad, Old-fashioned Brit tickety-boo, No. Eng. champion, Chiefly US A-OK:
I thought that was a really good dinner.
3 correct, proper, decorous, orderly, right, seemly, fit, fitting, suitable, meet, appropriate, allowable, permissible, admissible, passable, satisfactory, tolerable:
He should get time off for good behaviour.
4 obedient, well-behaved, proper, well-mannered:
Why can't you be a good boy when we go out?
5 moral, high-minded, righteous, noble, wholesome, chaste, pure, honourable, ethical, upstanding, upright, virtuous, worthy, lofty, elevated, saintly, angelic, godly, godlike:
Think only good thoughts and still you may not get to heaven.
6 kind, benevolent, beneficent, gracious, gentle, kindly, nice, considerate, friendly, solicitous, good-hearted, sympathetic, benign, charitable, humane, kind-hearted, well-disposed:
Her parents have always been good to me.
7 fresh, unspoilt, edible, consumable, palatable:
These eggs are good but the milk has gone off.
8 genuine, valid, legitimate, authentic, honest, proper, reliable, secure, dependable, safe, creditable, sound, solid, substantial, well-founded, trustworthy, honest, actual, real; credible, believable, convincing, compelling, cogent:
Have you a good reason for saying that?
9 honourable, esteemed, respected, respectable, well-thought-of, reputable, established, solid:
They say that he comes from a good family.
10 well-proportioned, shapely, attractive:
Yes, I'd say that Marilyn has a good figure.
11 thorough, complete, penetrating, careful:
Has she had a good look at the defendant?
12 gifted, talented, competent, capable, skilful, clever, accomplished, proficient, adept, adroit, skilled:
Am I a good enough actor to audition for the part?
13 advantageous, propitious, opportune, beneficial, profitable, favourable; safe, secure, reliable, sound, sensible:
Are utilities a good investment? Is this a good time to buy shares?
14 healthy, salubrious, salutary, beneficial, wholesome:
We'll have to put you on a good diet.
15 best, company, Sunday, special-occasion, most luxurious:
Should we use the good glasses tonight?
16 ample, sufficient, adequate, considerable, full, extensive, sizeable, large, substantial:
We have a good supply of food available.
17 approving, complimentary, flattering, positive, favourable, enthusiastic, laudatory, eulogistic, encomiastic:
His book received a very good review in the Sunday supplement.
18 great, considerable, sizeable, substantial, fair:
We are still a good distance away from land.
19 benefit, advantage, profit, use, usefulness, gain, worth, avail:
What good does it do to complain?
20 goodness, morality, virtue, merit, righteousness, right, rectitude, worth, probity, virtuousness, integrity, nobility, high-mindedness, honourableness, honesty:
The evil that men do lives after them, The good is oft interred with their bones.
21 goods.
(a) possessions, (personal) property, chattels, things, gear, belongings, effects, paraphernalia, movables, stuff:
He's gone and he's taken all his goods with him.
(b) merchandise, commodities, wares, stock, produce, tangibles, assets:
We shall pay on delivery of the goods.
(c) US and Canadian (incriminating) evidence or proof or information or documentation or facts or data:
The police have the goods on the murderer.
(d) fabric, cloth, textile, material, yard goods, piece-goods:
My tailor said he had made it from the best goods available.
(e) freight:
A goods train had broken down on the line between Oxford and Banbury.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun [pl.]
1 things that are produced to be sold: cheap / expensive goods + leather / cotton / paper goods + electrical / sports goods + perishable / durable goods + increased tax on goods and services
2 possessions that can be moved: stolen goods + The plastic bag contained all his worldly goods (= everything he owned).
3 (BrE) things (not people) that are transported by rail or road: a goods train + a heavy goods vehicle
Compare: FREIGHT
Idioms: be the goods (BrE, spoken) to be very good or impressive
deliver the goods
come up with the goods (informal) to do what you have promised to do or what people expect or want you to do: We expected great things of the England team, but on the day they simply failed to deliver the goods.
Collocation Dictionary


consumer, electrical, electronic, household, luxury
a shop selling electrical goods
| durable, perishable
A ‘use by’ date must be stamped on all perishable goods.
| mass-produced | cheap, low-priced | branded, own-label
The supermarket's own-label goods are cheaper than branded goods
| duty-free | second-hand | defective, faulty, shoddy | stolen
He was accused of handling stolen goods.
| counterfeit, fake


make, manufacture, produce
factories which produceluxury goods for the export market
| buy, purchase | export, import | sell, supply | deliver
The goodswill be delivered within ten days. |


train, vehicle, wagon | depot, yard

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