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gnaw /nɔ:/
  • động từ
    • gặm, ăn mòn
      • to gnaw [at, into] something: gặm cái gì
      • to gnaw into a metal: ăn mòn kim loại (axit)
    • cào (ruột) (đói)
    • giày vò, day dứt
Concise Dictionary
+bite or chew on with the teeth
+become ground down or deteriorate

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 chew, nibble, eat, bite, champ:
The marks were made by deer gnawing the bark.
2 erode, eat away, corrode, wear down or away, fret, consume, devour:
The acid continues to gnaw away at the metal till it is gone.
3 fret, irritate, harry, hector, pester, worry, bother, plague, trouble, torment, torture, distress, badger, harass, haunt, nag, vex, gall, nettle, irk, peeve, annoy:
The feeling that something was very wrong continued to gnaw at her.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ verb
~ (away) (at / on sth) to keep biting sth or chewing it hard, so that it gradually disappears: [VN] The dog was gnawing a bone. + [V] Rats had gnawed through the cable + She gnawed at her fingernails. + (figurative) Self-doubt began to gnaw away at her confidence.
Phrasal Verbs: gnaw at sb to make sb feel anxious, frightened or uncomfortable over a long period of time: The problem had been gnawing at him for months. + Fear gnawed at her soul.

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