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glance /glɑ:ns/
  • danh từ
    • (khoáng chất) quặng bóng
      • copper glance: quặng đồng ssunfua
      • lead glance: galen
  • danh từ
    • cái nhìn thoáng qua, cái liếc qua
      • to take a glance at a newspaper: liếc nhìn qua tờ báo
      • at a glance: chỉ thoáng nhìn một cái
      • to cast a glance at: đưa mắt nhìn
      • to steal a glance: liếc trộm
      • to have a glance at: nhìn qua (cái gì)
    • tia loáng qua, tia loé lên
    • sự sượt qua, sự trệch sang bên (viên đạn...)
    • nội động từ
      • liếc nhìn, liếc nhanh, nhìn qua
        • to glance at something: liếc nhìn cái gì
        • to glance over (throught) a book: xem qua cuốn sách
      • bàn lướt qua
        • to glance over a question: bàn lướt qua một vấn đề
      • (glance at) thoáng nói ý châm chọc
      • loé lên, sáng loé
        • their helmets glance in the sun: những mũ sắt của họ sáng loé dưới ánh mặt trời
      • ((thường) + off, aside) đi sượt qua, đi trệch (viên đạn...)
      • ngoại động từ
        • liếc nhìn, đưa (mắt) nhìn qua
          • to glance one's eyes's: liếc nhìn qua (cái gì)
      Concise Dictionary
      glances|glanced|glancingglæns /glɑːns
      +a quick look
      +throw a glance at; take a brief look at
      +rebound after hitting

      Thesaurus Dictionary
      1 glimpse, peek, peep, scan, look, Colloq Brit have a shufti or shufty at, take a dekko at:
      I've only had time to glance at the report.
      2 reflect, glint, glisten, shimmer, twinkle, gleam, shimmer, flicker, glimmer, sparkle, scintillate, glitter, flash:
      A ray of sunlight glanced off the windows opposite.
      3 bounce (off), reflect, ricochet, rebound, carom:
      The stone glanced off the pavement and struck my leg.
      4 glimpse, peek, peep, look, coup d'oeil, Colloq gander, Brit shufti or shufty, dekko:
      She turned and gave him a questioning glance, As he fingered the tip of his fer-de-lance.
      5 gleam, glint, glimmer, shimmer, twinkle, sparkle, scintillation, glitter, flicker, flash:
      The silver light, with quivering glance, Played on the water's still expanse.
      Advanced English Dictionary
      verb, noun
      + verb
      [V +adv./prep.]
      1 to look quickly at sth/sb: She glanced at her watch. + He glanced around the room. + I glanced up quickly to see who had come in.
      2 ~ at / down / over through sth to read sth quickly and not thoroughly: I only had time to glance at the newspapers. + He glanced briefly down the list of names. + She glanced through the report.
      Phrasal Verbs: glance on / off sth (of light) to flash on a surface or be reflected off it
      glance off (sth) to hit sth at an angle and move off it in a different direction: The ball glanced off the post into the net.
      + noun
      ~ (at sb/sth) a quick look: to take / have a glance at the newspaper headlines + a cursory / brief / casual / furtive glance + The sisters exchanged glances (= looked at each other). + She shot him a sideways glance. + He walked away without a backward glance. + She stole a glance (= looked secretly) at her watch.
      Idioms: at a (single) glance immediately; with only a quick look: He could tell at a glance what was wrong.
      at first glance when you first look at or think about sth, often rather quickly: At first glance the problem seemed easy.
      Collocation Dictionary


      backward, sidelong, sideways
      She cast a sidelong glance at Fern.
      | brief, cursory, fleeting, quick, swift
      After a cursory glance at the report he frowned.
      | casual | covert, furtive, surreptitious
      The man walked slowly along, casting furtive glances behind him.
      | accusing, angry, baleful, disapproving, mocking, reproachful, scornful, sharp, suspicious, withering
      Meena threw him an angry glance.
      | curious, puzzled, questioning, quizzical | admiring, approving | knowing | meaningful
      The couple exchanged meaningful glances but said nothing.
      | amused, wry | anxious, nervous, worried | plaintive


      cast (sb), dart, give (sb/sth), have, shoot (sb), steal, take, throw (sb)
      He gave her a mocking glance. I had a quick glance at the article, but I haven't read it yet. He stole a sidelong glance at the young woman sitting next to him on the train. She took one last glance in the mirror and then left.
      | exchange
      They exchanged knowing glances.
      | catch
      I caught the teacher's glance and nearly burst into nervous laughter.
      | attract, draw
      Their vintage car attracted admiring glances wherever they went.


      flick, flicker, move
      Her glance flickered briefly across to the group standing at the other side of the street.
      | meet
      Their glances met, then they both looked away.
      | fall on sb/sth, rest on sb/sth
      His glance fell on a pile of papers at one side of the desk.


      at a ~
      The software allows you to see at a glance what fonts you have on the computer.
      | with a ~
      With a quick glance at the time, she stood up and prepared to leave.
      | without a ~
      He left without a backward glance.
      | ~ at
      A glance at my watch told me it was already past six o'clock.
      | ~ of
      He ignored my glance of disapproval.
      | ~ over
      He kept throwing nervous glances over his shoulder.



      briefly, quickly, sharply
      Norton glanced sharply at him.
      | anxiously, fearfully, nervously
      She glanced nervously over her shoulder.
      | curiously
      glancing curiously about him
      | covertly
      He glanced covertly at his watch.
      | barely, hardly
      She barely glanced at him.
      | down, up
      She glanced up at him.


      pause to, turn to
      He turned to glance in our direction.
      | happen to
      At that moment she happened to glance up.


      She glanced around the room.
      | across/over
      She glanced across to where the others were standing chatting.
      | at
      She glanced briefly at his lapel badge.
      | towards
      He glanced towards the kitchen.

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