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glamour /'glæmə/
  • danh từ
    • sức quyến rũ huyền bí, sức mê hoặc
    • vẻ đẹp quyến rũ, vẻ đẹp say đắm, vẻ đẹp huyền ảo
      • the glamour of moonloght: vẻ đẹp huyền ảo của đêm trăng
    • to cast a glamour over somebody
      • làm ai say đắm; bỏ bùa cho ai
  • ngoại động từ
    • quyến rũ, làm say đắm, mê hoặc
Concise Dictionary
+alluring beauty or charm (often with sex-appeal)
+cast a spell over someone or something; put a hex on someone or something
Thesaurus Dictionary
allure, fascination, charm, attractiveness, brilliance, glitter, attraction, magnetism, charisma, captivation, desirability, appeal, enchantment, bewitchment, witchcraft, sorcery, magic:
Who today can match the glamour of the movie stars of the '30s?
Advanced English Dictionary
(BrE) (AmE glamor) noun [U]
1 the attractive and exciting quality that makes a person, a job or a place seem special, often because of wealth or status: hopeful young actors and actresses dazzled by the glamour of Hollywood + Now that she's a stewardess, foreign travel has lost its glamour for her.
2 physical beauty that also suggests wealth or success: Add a cashmere scarf under your jacket for a touch of glamour.
Collocation Dictionary


Several film stars were invited to add a touch of glamour to the occasion.


He had a glamour about him that she found very attractive.
| lack
Jumbo jets somehow lack the glamour of the transatlantic liner.
| add, give sb/sth, lend sb/sth
Her long dark hair lent her a certain glamour.


a certain glamour

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