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generosity /,dʤenə'rɔsiti/
  • danh từ
    • sự rộng lượng, sự khoan hồng; hành động rộng lượng, hành động khoan hồng
      • to show generosity in dealing with a defeated enemy: khoan hồng trong cách đối xử với kẻ địch bại trận
    • tính rộng rãi, tính hào phóng
Concise Dictionary
generosities‚dʒenə'rɑsətɪ /-'rɒs-
+the trait of being willing to give your money or time
+acting generously

Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun
[U, sing.] ~ (to / towards sb) the fact of being generous (= willing to give sb money, gifts, time or kindness freely): He treated them with generosity and thoughtfulness.
Collocation Dictionary


extraordinary, great, unusual


show (sb)
He thanked them for the extraordinary generosity they had shown.
| take advantage of
Their guests took advantage of their generosity, overstaying their welcome by several days.


~ to/towards
their great generosity to the school


an act of generosity, generosity of spirit
She showed an unusual generosity of spirit to those who had opposed her.
| thanks to the generosity of sb
The hospital has now bought a new body scanner, thanks to the generosity of local fund-raisers.

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