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generality /,dʤenə'ræliti/
  • danh từ
    • nguyên tắc chung chung; cái chung chung; tính tổng quát; tính đại cương
    • to come down from generalities to particulars
      • thôi nói chung chung mà đi vào chi tiết cụ thể
    • tính phổ biến
      • a rule of great generality: một quy luật rất phổ biến
    • tính mập mờ
    • phần lớn, phần đông, đa số
Thesaurus Dictionary
1 generalization, abstraction, abstract, vague or loose or sweeping or indefinite statement, imprecise or vague notion:
His talks are characterized by empty generality, without detailed facts.
2 Often, generalities. principle(s), law(s), abstraction(s), generalization(s), universality or universalities:
You have given us the generalities, now we want the particulars.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun (plural generalities)
1 [C, usually pl.] a statement that discusses general principles or issues rather than details or particular examples: to speak in broad generalities + As usual, he confined his comments to generalities.
2 (the generality) [pl.] (formal) most of a group of people or things: This view is held by the generality of leading scholars.
3 [U] (formal) the quality of being general rather than detailed or exact: An account of such generality is of little value.

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