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gauntlet /'gɔ:ntlit/
  • danh từ
    • (sử học) bao tay sắt, găng sắt (đeo khi chiến đấu)
    • bao tay dài, găng dài (để lái xe, đánh kiếm)
    • to fling (throw) down the gauntlet
      • thách đấu
    • to pick (take) up the gauntlet
      • nhận đấu, nhận lời thách
    • to run the gauntlet
      • chịu hình phạt chạy giữa hai hàng người liên tiếp đánh mình khi mình chạy qua
    • bị phê bình rất nghiêm khắc
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun
1 a metal glove worn as part of a suit of ARMOUR by soldiers in the Middle Ages
2 a strong glove with a wide covering for the wrist, used for example when driving: motorcyclists with leather gauntlets
Idioms: run the gauntlet to be criticized or attacked by a lot of people, especially a group of people that you have to walk through: Some of the witnesses had to run the gauntlet of television cameras and reporters.
take up the gauntlet to accept sb's invitation to fight or compete: His Republican rival may be expected to take up the gauntlet.
throw down the gauntlet to invite sb to fight or compete with you: She has thrown down the gauntlet to the newspaper by accusing it of libel.

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