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gamble /'gæmbl/
  • danh từ
    • cuộc đánh bạc, cuộc may rủi
    • việc mạo hiểm được ăn cả ngã về không; việc làm liều mưu đồ ăn to (đầu cơ buôn bán...)
    • động từ
      • đánh bạc
      • đầu cơ (ở thị trường chứng khoán)
      • (nghĩa bóng) liều làm một công việc gì
      • to gamble away one's fortune
        • thua bạc khánh kiệt
    Concise Dictionary
    +money that is risked for possible monetary gain
    +a risky act or venture
    +take a risk in the hope of a favorable outcome
    +play games for money

    Thesaurus Dictionary
    1 risk, venture, hazard, bet, wager, stake, chance, speculate; play, game, Brit punt:
    I wouldn't gamble that he'll be on time. I go to Monte Carlo to gamble.
    2 gamble on. back, bet or wager on, stake or put money on, take a chance or flier on, try one's luck or fortune on, lay or place or make a wager or bet on; count on, rely on:
    We gambled on the horse to win. I was gambling on his having forgotten the debt.
    3 chance, risk, venture; uncertainty, speculation, Colloq US crap-shoot:
    I had to take the gamble that the rope would hold. All of life is just a gamble.
    4 bet, wager, stake, Brit punt:
    She took a gamble on number 14.
    Advanced English Dictionary
    verb, noun
    + verb
    1 ~ (sth) (on sth) to risk money on a card game, horse race, etc: [V] to gamble at cards / on the horses + [VN] I gambled all my winnings on the last race.
    2 ~ (sth) (on sth) to risk losing sth in the hope of being successful: [VN] He's gambling his reputation on this deal. + [V] It was wrong to gamble with our children's future.
    gambler noun: He was a compulsive gambler (= found it difficult to stop).
    Phrasal Verbs: gamble sth<->away to lose sth such as money, possessions, etc. by gambling: Every weekend he drinks and gambles away his earnings.
    gamble on sth / on doing sth to take a risk with sth, hoping that you will be successful: He gambled on being able to buy a ticket at the last minute.
    + noun [sing.] an action that you take when you know there is a risk but when you hope that the result will be a success: She knew she was taking a gamble but decided it was worth it. + They invested money in the company right at the start and the gamble paid off (= brought them success). + It was the biggest gamble of his political career.
    Collocation Dictionary


    big, huge, major | calculated | desperate
    It was time for a last desperate gamble.
    | political




    pay off, work
    I took a calculated gamble and it paid off.


    ~ on
    Backpackers with a heavy load should resist taking a gamble on the weather.


    a bit/something of a gamble
    Trying to find the right pension can be a bit of a gamble.

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