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gain /gein/
  • danh từ
    • lợi, lời; lợi lộc; lợi ích
      • love of gain: lòng tham lợi
    • (số nhiều) của thu nhập, của kiếm được; tiền lãi
    • sự tăng thêm
      • a gain to knowlegde: sự tăng thêm hiểu biết
    • ill-gotten gains never prosper
      • (tục ngữ) của phi nghĩa có già đâu
  • động từ
    • thu được, lấy được, giành được, kiếm được
      • to gain experience: thu được kinh nghiệm
      • to gain someone's sympathy: giành được cảm tình của ai
      • to gain one's living: kiếm sống
    • đạt tới, tới
      • to gain the top of a mountain: tới đỉnh núi
      • swimmer gains the shopre: người bơi tới bờ
    • tăng tốc (tốc độ...); lên (cân...); nhanh (đồng hồ...)
      • to gain weight: lên cân, béo ra
      • watch gains five minutes: đồng hồ nhanh năm phút
    • to gain on (upon)
      • lấn chiếm, lấn vào
    • sea gains on land: biễn lấn vào đất liền
    • tiến sát, đuổi sát (ai, cái gì)
    • tranh thủ được lòng (ai)
      • to gain over: tranh thủ được, giành được về phía mình
    • to gain ground
      • tiến tới, tiến bộ
    • (+ upon, on) lấn chiếm; đuổi sát, tiến sát (ai, cái gì)
Concise Dictionary
+a quantity that is added
+the advantageous quality of being beneficial
+the amount of increase in signal power or voltage or current expressed as the ratio of output to input
+the amount by which the revenue of a business exceeds its cost of operating
+win something through one's efforts
+derive a benefit from
+reach a destination, either real or abstract
+obtain advantages, such as points, etc.
+rise in rate or price
+increase in
+earn on some commercial or business transaction; earn as salary or wages
+increase (one's body weight)

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 get, obtain, acquire, procure, attain, achieve, secure, earn, win, capture, bag, net, harvest, reap, garner, glean, collect, gather, come by, pick up:
Any advantage we gain today may be lost tomorrow.
2 make, get, profit, gain ground, earn, benefit, realize, clear, bring in, produce, yield:
Have you gained from the transaction?
3 improve, recuperate, progress, rally, get better, advance, gain ground:
Her health has gained steadily since the cyst was removed.
4 catch up (to or on or with), approach, get nearer (to), overtake, close with, close in (on), narrow the gap, gain ground:
As we came to the finish line, Tom was gaining on me. Though he kept gaining, I won.
5 leave behind, outdistance, draw or pull away (from), widen the gap, get or go or move further or farther ahead, get further or farther away (from), increase the lead:
I kept gaining on him till I was a mile ahead.
6 reach, arrive at, get to, come to:
After paddling for hours, we finally gained the shore.
7 increase, move ahead, improve, advance, progress, gain ground:
Shares gained again on the exchange.
8 profit, advantage, margin, yield, return, revenue, income, dividend, benefit, emolument, payment, pay, money; proceeds, earnings, winnings; Colloq chiefly US take, payout, pay-off:
What was your gain on the sale of the house? He has seen gains of 20 per cent on his investment.
9 increase, increment, improvement, rise, addition, enhancement, elevation, augmentation, upward or forward movement, advance, progress:
Each month has seen a gain in share prices.
10 acquisition, achievement, attainment:
My gain was at the expense of their sacrifice.
Advanced English Dictionary
verb, noun
+ verb
obtain / win
1 to obtain or win sth, especially sth that you need or want: [VN] to gain entrance / entry / access to sth + The country gained its independence ten years ago. + The party gained over 50% of the vote. + I gained an insight into the work of a journalist. + He has gained a reputation for unpredictable behaviour. + [VNN] Her unusual talent gained her worldwide recognition.
2 ~ (sth) (by / from sth) to obtain an advantage or benefit from sth or from doing sth: [VN] There is nothing to be gained from delaying the decision. + [V] Who stands to gain from this decision?
get more
3 [VN] to gradually get more of sth: to gain confidence / strength / experience + I've gained weight recently.
of watch / clock
4 to go too fast: [VN] My watch gains two minutes every 24 hours. [also V]
Antonym: LOSE
of currencies / shares
5 ~ against sth to increase in value: [VN] The shares gained 14p to 262p. + [V] The pound gained against the dollar again today.
reach place
6 [VN] (formal) to reach a place, usually after a lot of effort: At last she gained the shelter of the forest.
Idioms: gain ground to become more powerful or successful: Sterling continues to gain ground against the dollar.
gain time to delay sth so that you can have more time to make a decision, deal with a problem, etc.
more at VENTURE v.
Phrasal Verbs: gain in sth to get more of a particular quality: to gain in confidence + Wine bars have gained in popularity in recent years.
gain on sb/sth to get closer to sb/sth that you are chasing: She looked back and saw that the car was still gaining on her.
+ noun
1 [C, U] an increase in the amount of sth, especially in wealth or weight: a £3 000 gain from our investment + Regular exercise is the best way of preventing weight gain. + The party had a net gain of nine seats on the local council.
2 [C] an advantage or improvement: efficiency gains + These policies have resulted in great gains in public health. + Our loss is their gain.
3 [U] (often disapproving) financial profit: He only seems to be interested in personal gain. + It's amazing what some people will do for gain. + They sold the company purely for short-term gain.
Collocation Dictionary


big, considerable, huge, major, real, significant, substantial
This change in the tax system will mean big gains for some companies.
| modest, small | long-term, short-term | potential | pre-tax | net, overall
Labour made an overall gain of 39 seats.
| ill-gotten
She tucked her ill-gotten gains into her purse and left.
| personal, private
using the investments for their private gain
| commercial, economic, financial, material
There will be no financial gain for mothers from this new system.
| electoral, political
the far right made huge electoral gains
| military, territorial | weight
She was most upset by her recent weight gain.
| efficiency, productivity
There is still scope for efficiency gains (= gains to be made by being more efficient).


make | bring (sb)
Better workplace design can bring real gains in productivity.


for ~
It's amazing what some people will do for gain.
| ~ from
£3.9 million gains from the sale of stock
| ~ in
Last year there was only a modest gain in earnings.

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