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gabble /'gæbl/
  • danh từ
    • lời nói lắp bắp; lời nói nhanh nghe không rõ
    • tiếng kêu quàng quạc (ngỗng)
    • động từ
      • nói lắp bắp; nói nhanh và không rõ; đọc to và quá nhanh
      • kêu quàng quạc (ngỗng)
    Concise Dictionary
    +rapid and indistinct speech
    +speak (about unimportant matters) rapidly and incessantly
    Advanced English Dictionary
    verb, noun
    + verb
    ~ (on / away) (informal) to talk quickly so that people cannot hear you clearly or understand you: [V] They were gabbling on about the past. + She was nervous and started to gabble. + [VN] He was gabbling nonsense. [also V speech]
    + noun [sing.] fast speech that is difficult to understand, especially when a lot of people are talking at the same time

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