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fusion /'fju:ʤn/
  • danh từ
    • sự làm cho chảy ra, sự nấu chảy ra
    • sự hỗn hợp lại bằng cách nấu chảy ra
    • sự hợp nhất, sự liên hiệp (các đảng phái...)
Concise Dictionary
+an occurrence that involves the production of a union
+a nuclear reaction in which nuclei combine to form more massive nuclei with the simultaneous release of energy
+the state of being combined into one body
+the merging of adjacent sounds or syllables or words
+the combining of images from the two eyes to form a single visual percept
+correction of an unstable part of the spine by joining two or more vertebrae; usually done surgically but sometimes done by traction or immobilization
+the act of fusing (or melting) together

Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun
1 [U, sing.] the process or result of joining two or more things together to form one: the fusion of copper and zinc to produce brass + The movie displayed a perfect fusion of image and sound.
2 (also nuclear fusion) [U] (physics) the act or process of combining the NUCLEI (= central parts) of atoms to form a heavier NUCLEUS, with energy being released
Compare: FISSION

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