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fun /fʌn/
  • danh từ
    • sự vui đùa, sự vui thích; trò vui đùa
      • to be fond of fun: thích vui đùa
      • he is great (good) fun: anh ta vui thích, anh ta vui đùa
    • like fun
      • mạnh mẽ; rất nhanh
    • nhiều lần
    • (từ Mỹ,nghĩa Mỹ) chắc chắn là không; không một chút nào; đáng ngờ lắm
    • to make fun of
      • (xem) make
    • to poke fun at somebody
      • (xem) poke
    • to say something for (in) fun
      • nói đùa
    • what fun!
      • thật là vui thú!
  • nội động từ
    • (từ hiếm,nghĩa hiếm) đùa, nói đùa đùa cợt
Concise Dictionary
+activities that are enjoyable or amusing
+verbal wit or mockery (often at another's expense but not to be taken seriously)
+violent and excited activity
+a disposition to find (or make) causes for amusement
+providing enjoyment; pleasantly entertaining
Thesaurus Dictionary
1 merriment, merrymaking, gaiety, glee, jollity, mirth, cheer, high spirits, delight, frolic, festivity, high jinks; amusement, diversion, sport, enjoyment, recreation, entertainment, pastime, joy, pleasure, Colloq (making) whoopee:
Your party was great fun. We always have fun when we're together. Want to have some fun?
2 tomfoolery, horseplay, joking, playfulness, clowning, pranks, sport, jesting, jocularity, nonsense, fooling around or about, Colloq skylarking:
This is no time for fun - we have to catch a train.
3 in or for fun. jokingly, teasingly, in jest, facetiously, with tongue in cheek, playfully, as a lark, for a joke or gag; not seriously:
In fun, we told him that he had missed the last ferry.
4 Like fun! Under no circumstances!, No way!, Colloq Like hell!, US No way, Jose!:
Like fun will I go swimming in the nude!
5 make fun of. poke fun at, tease, deride, (hold up to) ridicule, scoff at, lampoon, parody, satirize, make sport or game of, taunt, gibe, rag, Colloq kid, rib, Brit send up:
Kevin is always making fun of people by imitating them.
Advanced English Dictionary
noun, adjective
+ noun [U]
1 enjoyment; pleasure; a thing that gives enjoyment or pleasure and makes you feel happy: We had a lot of fun at Sarah's party. + Sailing is good fun. + Have fun (= Enjoy yourself)! + I decided to learn Spanish, just for fun. + I didn't do all that work just for the fun of it. + It's not much fun going to a party on your own. + 'What fun!' she said with a laugh. + Walking three miles in the pouring rain is not my idea of fun. + The whole family can join in the fun at Water World. + 'What do you say to a weekend in New York?' 'Sounds like fun.'
2 behaviour or activities that are not serious but come from a sense of enjoyment: She's very lively and full of fun. + We didn't mean to hurt him. It was just a bit of fun. + It wasn't serious - it was all done in fun.
Idioms: fun and games (informal) activities that are not serious and that other people may disapprove of
make fun of sb/sth to laugh at sb/sth or make other people laugh at them, usually in an unkind way: It's cruel to make fun of people who stammer.
more at FIGURE n., POKE v.
+ adjective
amusing or enjoyable: She's really fun to be with. + This game looks fun! + There are lots of fun things for young people to do here.
Collocation Dictionary


enormous, excellent, good, great, terrific, tremendous, wonderful | harmless, innocent
The boys' game started as harmless fun but ended in tragedy.


We had a lot of fun at Mick's party.
| spoil
We won't let a bit of rain spoil our fun.


She organized an annual fun day for local children.


for ~
I write for fun, not because I expect to make money.
| in ~
She only said that in fun?please don't take it seriously!


be no fun
It's no fun getting up at 4 a.m. on a cold, rainy morning.
| a bit of fun
I was only having a bit of fun.
| just for fun, just for the fun of it
They took up motor racing just for the fun of it, rather than to win anything.
| a sense of fun
You have to have a sense of fun to be a good teacher.

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