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fruitful /'fru:tful/
  • tính từ
    • ra nhiều quả, có nhiều quả, sai quả
      • a fruitful tree: cây có nhiều quả
    • tốt, màu mỡ
      • fruitful soil: đất màu mỡ
    • sinh sản nhiều
    • có kết quả, thành công
    • có lợi, mang lợi
Concise Dictionary
+productive or conducive to producing in abundance
+productive of profit

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 productive, fertile, prolific, fecund; fructiferous, frugiferous, fructuous:
The soil in this valley is extremely fruitful.
2 effective, worthwhile, well-spent, profitable, successful, useful, rewarding, advantageous, beneficial, productive, fertile:
We had a fruitful meeting and accomplished a great deal.
3 plentiful, abundant, bounteous, bountiful, prolific, plenteous, copious, luxurious, rich, flourishing:
We expect another fruitful harvest this year.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ adjective
1 producing many useful results: a fruitful collaboration / discussion + a fruitful source of information + The research has proved extremely fruitful.
2 (literary) (of land or trees) producing a lot of crops
fruitfully adverb: Computers are now widely and fruitfully used in classrooms throughout Europe.
fruitfulness noun [U]: It takes time for the validity or fruitfulness of any academic development to become clear.
Collocation Dictionary


be, prove


enormously, extremely, remarkably, very | quite, reasonably | potentially


This research has been enormously fruitful in helping our understanding of the disease.

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