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frost /frɔst/
  • danh từ
    • sự đông giá
    • sương giá
    • sự lạnh nhạt
    • (từ lóng) sự thất bại
    • ngoại động từ
      • làm chết cóng (vì sương giá) (cây, mùa màng...)
      • phủ sương giá
        • frosted window-panes: những ô kính cửa sổ phủ sương giá
      • rắc đường lên
        • to frost a cake: rắc đường lên cái bánh
      • làm (mặt gương) lấm tấm (như có phủ sương giá)
      • làm (tóc) bạc
      • đóng đinh (vào sắt móng ngựa để chống trượt)
    Concise Dictionary
    frosts|frosted|frostingfrɔst /frɒst
    +ice crystals forming a white deposit (especially on objects outside)
    +weather cold enough to cause freezing
    +the formation of frost or ice on a surface
    +United States poet famous for his lyrical poems on country life in New England (1874-1963)
    +decorate with frosting
    +provide with a rough or speckled surface or appearance
    +cover with frost
    +damage by frost

    Advanced English Dictionary
    noun, verb
    + noun
    1 [U, C] a weather condition in which the temperature drops below 0?C (= FREEZING POINT) so that a thin white layer of ice forms on the ground and other surfaces, especially at night: It will be a clear night with some ground frost. + a sharp / hard / severe frost + There were ten degrees of frost (= the temperature dropped to -10?C) last night. + frost damage
    2 [U] the thin white layer of ice that forms when the temperature drops below 0?C: The car windows were covered with frost.
    See also - HOAR FROST
    + verb
    1 ~ (sth) (over / up) to cover sth or to become covered with a thin white layer of ice: [VN] The mirror was frosted up. + [V] The windows had frosted over.
    2 [VN] (especially AmE) to cover a cake with ICING/FROSTING
    Collocation Dictionary

    1 weather condition


    bitter, great, hard, heavy, severe, sharp | light | early, first, late
    The young plants all died in the late frost.
    | autumn, spring, winter | ground
    a heavy ground frost
    | night


    There was just a touch of frost in the air.
    | degree
    There were ten degrees of frost last night.


    set in
    The winter frosts have set in up north.
    | nip at sth
    The sharp frost nipped at our noses.

    2 very thin layer of little pieces of ice




    be covered in/with
    The windows were covered in frost.


    The car was wet with melting frost.

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