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frontier /'frʌntjə/
  • danh từ
    • biên giới
    • giới hạn (của văn minh)
    • (định ngữ) ở biên giới
      • a frontier post: đồn biên phòng
Concise Dictionary
frontiers'frʌn'tɪr /-‚tɪə
+a wilderness at the edge of a settled area of a country
+an international boundary or the area (often fortified) immediately inside the boundary
+an undeveloped field of study; a topic inviting research and development

Thesaurus Dictionary
front line; border, boundary, bound(s), marches, (far) reaches, limit(s), pale, extreme(s), bourn:
We'll need our passports to cross the frontier into Italy.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun
1 (BrE) [C] ~ (between A and B)
~ (with sth) a line that separates two countries, etc.; the land near this line: the frontier between the land of the Saxons and that of the Danes + border guards on the frontier with Kuwait + a frontier town / zone / post
2 (the frontier) [sing.] the edge of land where people live and have built towns, beyond which the country is wild and unknown, especially in the Western US in the 19th century: a remote frontier settlement
3 [C, usually pl.] ~ (of sth) the limit of sth, especially the limit of what is known about a particular subject or activity: to push back the frontiers of science (= to increase knowledge of science) + to roll back the frontiers of government (= to limit the powers of the government)
Collocation Dictionary

1 border between countries


Neither country would guarantee the integrity of their common frontier.
| eastern, northern, etc.
There were very few border controls on the south-western frontier.
| Franco-Spanish, Hispano-French, Spanish-French, French, etc.


The army crossed the frontier in the middle of the night.
| control, defend, guard
The rebels control the frontier and the surrounding area.


controls, post | guard | area, province, region, town, zone | line


across the ~
Many people travelling across the frontier were illegal immigrants.
| along the ~
an army grouping along the frontier
| at the ~
There was an army checkpoint at the frontier.
| on the ~
people living on the German frontier
| over the ~
They were forced to retreat back over the frontier.
| ~ between
the frontier between India and Pakistan
| ~ with
France's frontier with Germany

2 border between what we know and do not know


final, new


Space is the final frontier for us to explore.
| advance, push back
The scientists' work will push back the frontiers of physics.

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