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from /frɔm, frəm/
  • giới từ
    • từ
      • to start from Hanoi: bắt đầu đi từ Hà-nội
      • to know someone from a child: biết một người nào từ tấm bé
      • to count from one to ten: đếm từ một đến mười
      • from morning till night: từ sáng đến tối
      • from place to place: từ nơi này sang nơi khác
      • a letter from home: một bức thư (từ) nhà (gửi đến)
    • dựa vào, theo, do từ, xuất phát từ
      • to judge from appearances: dựa vào (theo) bề ngoài mà xét đoán
    • khỏi, đừng; tách khỏi, rời xa, cách
      • to save a thing from damage: giữ gìn một vật khỏi bị hư hỏng
      • to go [away] from house: đi (xa) khỏi nhà
    • vì, do, do bởi
      • to tremble from fear: run lên vì sợ hãi
    • với
      • to differ from others: khác với những người khác; khác với những cái khác
    • bằng
      • wine is made from grapes: rượu vang làm bằng nho
    • của (ai... cho, gửi, tặng, đưa)
      • gilfs from friends: quà của bạn bè (gửi tặng)
    • from of old
      • ngày xưa, ngày trước, thuở xưa, lâu rồi
    • I know it from of old: tôi biết việc ấy đã lâu rồi
Concise Dictionary
frɑm ,frʌm /frɒm
prep. starting in, beginning at, originating in (indicates a source); by; since; due to, caused by
Advanced English Dictionary
Help Note: For the special uses of from in phrasal verbs, look at the entries for the verbs. For example keep sth from sb is in the phrasal verb section at keep.
1 used to show where sb/sth starts: She began to walk away from him. + Has the train from Bristol arrived?
2 used to show when sth starts: We're open from 8 to 7 every day. + He was blind from birth.
3 used to show who sent or gave sth/sb: a letter from my brother + information from witnesses + the man from (= representing) the insurance company
4 used to show what the origin of sb/sth is: I'm from Italy. + documents from the sixteenth century + quotations from Shakespeare + heat from the sun
5 used to show the material that sth is made of: Steel is made from iron.
6 used to show how far apart two places are: 100 metres from the scene of the accident
7 used to show sb's position or point of view: You can see the island from here. + From a financial point of view the project was a disaster.
8 ~ sth (to sth) used to show the range of sth: The temperature varies from 30 degrees to minus 20. + The store sells everything from shoelaces to computers. + Conditions vary from school to school.
9 ~ sth (to sth) used to show the state or form of sth/sb before a change: Things have gone from bad to worse. + translating from English to Spanish + You need a break from routine.
10 used to show that sb/sth is separated or removed: The party was ousted from power after eighteen years.
11 used to show that sth is prevented: She saved him from drowning.
12 used to show the reason for sth: She felt sick from tiredness.
13 used to show the reason for making a judgement: You can tell a lot about a person from their handwriting. + From what I heard the company's in deep trouble.
14 used when distinguishing between two people or things: Is Portuguese very different from Spanish? + I can't tell one twin from the other.
Idioms: from ...on starting at the time mentioned and continuously after that: From now on you can work on your own. + She never spoke to him again from that day on.

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