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freely /'fri:li/
  • phó từ
    • tự do, tuỳ thích, không gò bó, thoải mái
    • rộng rãi, hào phóng
Concise Dictionary
+in a free manner
Thesaurus Dictionary
1 candidly, frankly, openly, unreservedly, without reserve, unrestrainedly, without restraint, unconstrainedly, without constraint, unceremoniously, plainly:
Please speak freely.
2 willingly, spontaneously, readily, voluntarily, on (one's) own, independently, of (one's) own accord, of (one's) own volition or free will:
I didn't send for her - she came to me freely.
3 unrestrainedly, unrestrictedly, without restriction, without let or hindrance, without interference:
He was allowed to move freely about the island.
4 liberally, lavishly, unreservedly, generously, unstintingly, open-handedly, ungrudgingly, munificently, amply, plentifully, abundantly:
He has no money to donate but he gives freely of his time.
5 readily, easily, smoothly, cleanly, unobstructedly:
With the obstacle removed, the water ran freely through the pipes.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ adverb
1 without anyone trying to prevent or control sth: the country's first freely elected president + EU citizens can now travel freely between member states. + the right to worship freely + Prices are higher than they would be if market forces were allowed to operate freely.
2 without anything stopping the movement or flow of sth: When the gate is raised, the water can flow freely. + Traffic is now moving more freely following an earlier accident. + The book is now freely available in the shops (= it is not difficult to get a copy). + Once into the open street they could breathe more freely. + (figurative) The wine flowed freely (= there was a lot of it to drink).
3 without trying to avoid the truth even though it might be unpleasant or embarrassing: I freely admit that I made a mistake. + Both players freely acknowledge that money was a major incentive.
4 in an honest way without worrying about what people will say or do: For the first time he was able to speak freely without the fear of reprisals against his family.
5 in a willing and generous way: Millions of people gave freely in response to the appeal for the victims of the earthquake. + She has always given freely of her time.
6 a piece of writing that is translated freely is not translated exactly but the general meaning is given

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